Another one down…

The shifter novel is finished. Well, first draft is finished, I should say. My three-headed monster of a plot had to go, though. It was dragging the story down a bit and I’m not one to clutter in pages and pages of stuff just to make a bigger book. That’s what sequel’s are for! LOL Which is what I’m doing. I have 2 planned already but I know there will be more. I have too … Continue reading

Story Updates

The first round of edits have been done on Wicked 4… it is now with my CP’s awaiting their input. One has already sent hers back and she loved it. She actually said she didn’t know which she liked best, Mick’s story or Luke’s. LOL Those two were definitely my bad boys. Personally, I think Mick was just a little bit more wicked. That boy had some mouth on him. The story will be available … Continue reading

FREE – Wicked: Leather and Lace Ficlet

Hello! Is everyone ready for our next ficlet? I have Luke and Roxy this time,the hero and heroine from my book, Wicked: Leather and Lace [Book 2 inthe Wicked Series]. Roxy loves to tease her man and sets out to push allhis buttons. No set up to this scene really, it’s just pure, Wickedsmut! Find it at my Yahoo!Group in the ‘Files’ section on the menu. All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison


Wicked: Sweet Temptation [Book 4] is finally done. Well, the first draft is done, I should say. This book literally kicked my butt. My characters did not want to play the way I wanted them to and after a week of banging my head on the desk, I finally just let them have their way and finished the book in two days. O_o You have no idea how relieved I feel. LOL I’ve posted the … Continue reading

Free ficlet from Wicked: Tempt Me Not

I’ve written a short little ficlet(missing scene) from Wicked: Tempt Me Not [Book 1 in the Wicked Series] and placed it on my yahoo group. It’s a sappy little smut piece I wrote in hopes of stirring my laggin muse into actually working. If you’d like to read it, head over to my group. It’s in the ‘Files’ section under ‘Free Reads’. All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison


I’ve hit a small roadblock on Wicked 4. It has taken me four days to finally figure out ‘what’ that roadblock is. I knew when the writing just… stopped, that I’d done something wrong. Well, that and staring at the blinking curser on word for days. I rushed the story and apparently my characters didn’t like it. They refused to play so I’ve back up over 20 pages and took a different road. We’ll see … Continue reading

New Release!!

Out Now! New contemporary romance ebook by Lily Graison… Wicked: Jade ButterflyChristian Palmer, bass player for the band Wicked, isn’t your typical rocker. Much to his band mate’s amusement, he’s quiet, shy and looks like your average boy next door–but that’s all about to change. An encounter with a girl he can’t seem to forget calls for drastic measures and with the help of his friends, Christian goes from dud to stud in hopes to … Continue reading