JERR reviews A Touch of Heaven

Title: A Touch of HeavenAuthor: Lily GraisonPublisher: Linden Bay RomancePublisher URL: ISBN: 1-905393-18-0Reviewer: Michelle NaumannRating: 4 StarsHeat level: S Hearing her phone ringing inside her locked apartment, Paige juggles wine and nibbles, in a frantic attempt to open her door. When she answers, she is thrilled to hear her friend Megan’s voice on the other end. Their whole gang is meeting up to attend their ten-year reunion. When her friends arrive at her apartment for a girls’ night, they all start remembering their last year at school. All of her friends start to tease her about her shadow, Colin, the nerd. Paige secretly liked him, but peer pressure made her treat him like dirt. A Touch of Heaven is a fresh take on the nerd-turns-into-success story. The novel twist is that the nerd is now an exotic dancer. Simon aka Colin now has women drooling over his rock-hard abs, … Continue reading

Writers Workshop

Been participating in a writers workshop through Romance Divas. Its a ‘Fast Draft’ workshop and – I’m not sure how well I’ll do, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’m suppose to write 20 pages a day…which should take me 2 hours, in 20 minute increments. Supposedly – I should be able to get a first draft of my novel in 2-weeks. Granted, you can’t make ANY changes, not even typos, until you’re finished. That will be the hardest part for me. I’m forever rewriting – as I’m writing. lol Just typing and letting everything go will be new and probably hard for me. My goal for today is 10 pages. Baby steps is my approach. If I manage that – I’ll increase the page number tomorrow. Of course – I have to wait until the house settles down. Its still too hectic right now, but once everyone … Continue reading

New Layout

Re-did the layout again. I really like this one. Took me forever to figure out how to add links to it. They still don’t look like the others – but they’re there! Thats all that matters, I suppose. I have 3 blogs. Anyone else have 3? lol Didn’t think so. Each one has a specific feature I like. If I could roll them all up together – I’d have the perfect blog. *sigh* Now if I could just decided WHICH of the 3 I want to use all the time. Of course I post on all three because I don’t know who looks at which one. Tis truely sad. I guess I should decide soon and link everyone to THAT blog instead of all over the net. Why am I never satisfied with anything? Maybe there’s a 10-step program of perfectionist?? All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison

Promoting & Opening Hooks

So, its quite apparent to me, that I lack what it takes to properly promote my book – and myself. I’ve been given a handfull of sites, provided by the lovely Gayle Eden and I either can’t navigate them or lack the knowledge to do what I need to, once I find what I’m looking for. Most of the sites I just sit and stare at – lost as to what to do. I have a new book out and yet, only a handfull of people know about it. I thought the hard part was actually editing the darn thing! lol I’m finding this part in the entire process to be the most challenging. Putting yourself ‘out there’ is almost impossible when you’re clueless as to what youre doing. I’v spent more time trying to get people to ’see’ my book than I have writing in the past few weeks … Continue reading

The First Review is in…

A Touch of Heaven Lily GraisonContemporary Erotic RomanceAvailable from Linden Bay RomanceISBN: 1-905393-18-0September 2005 From the moment Colin Gregory had Paige smile at him in high school, he fell head over heels in love with her. He wrote her poetry and looked at her longingly. Paige was one of the “in crowd,” always trying to get along, never leading, only following whatever her girlfriends said and did. Colin was a gangly geek with glasses that everyone made fun of. Paige ended up breaking Colin’s heart and spirit at school one day. From that moment on, he never again wrote her poetry or looked her way. Ten years later Paige and her girlfriends are getting together for their high school reunion. They end up going to an all-male strip club. The last stripper zeroes in on Paige. What a gorgeous hunk Simon is! He is all over Paige. These two end … Continue reading

Why is it never easy?

I’ve been working on the plot for a short story and I can’t seem to find that ONE tiny piece that will pull the whole thing together. I know the when, the why, the how, but I can’t figure out the ‘what’ that pulls the ending together. I have several ideas, but I keep running around in circles for some reason. I’m lost. Its the key to the whole thing and without it, it won’t work at all. I usually suffer through the ‘title’ phase for days, but of course, that came easy this time. Figures. I guess if I didn’t have so much on my mind right now, it may be simplier. There is just so much going on. And of course, I’ve had ch. 5 of the vampire novel for almost 2 weeks now and it still isn’t finished. I think I’m just getting frustrated. I’ve not had … Continue reading

Novel Changes

I’ve been changing things in the novel again. A name change was in order. I won’t go into details as to why though, but I think it was for the best. Now – as I think of this character, I see him differntly. I see him as being ‘more’ than what he was. Before, with the name I had given him, he was somehow – softer. Now I don’t feel that way. I feel as though it was a good thing. He’ll be more of what I had invisioned. All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison