A Willow Creek Christmas by Lily Graison - Book 6 in the Willow Creek Series

A Willow Creek Christmas (Willow Creek, #6)


A Willow Creek Christmas

Genre: Historical Western Romance
Series:Book 6 in the Willow Creek Series
Length: Novel
Released: Nov. 2013

Running from a life she no longer wanted…
Widowed with two young children, Keri Hilam is desperate to escape her abusive brother in law, going so far as sneaking away in the dead of night in hopes of finding a better life. She never regrets leaving, not even when they find themselves stranded, starving, and alone. Fate brings them to Willow Creek, Montana, where they’re rescued by an unlikely hero, an ex-confederate soldier who seems more monster than man.

Hiding from a past he can’t seem to forget…
The war leaves Noah Lloyd scarred and bitter. When the girl he left behind broke his heart, he turned his back on the life he used to know, and sought refuge in a dusty little town that afforded him the solitude he wanted. Finding a woman and her kids hunkered down in an abandoned line shack in the middle of a blizzard is the last thing he needs. They’re ragged, half starved and vulnerable, but he’s determined to leave the trio in the care of the town marshal.

Can a future together erase all the pain…
But the innocence of a child at Christmas breaks through Noah’s hard exterior and Keri’s tender care allows him to see that life may be worth living. All he has to do is let go of his past and let this unlikely family love him.

What Readers Are Saying…

“Had me right from the beginning to the last word. It will be one to read again and again.” – Linda, Amazon Reviewer

“From start to finish it will just capture your heart and you won’t be able to put the book down! Such an amazing LOVE story!” – Sandra, Amazon Reviewer

“The one word I can use for this book is WOW. I was captured from the first page and didn’t want to put it down.” – Dorothy, Amazon Reviewer


Story Inspiration

When I was writing A Willow Creek Christmas I heard this song on the radio and ended up playing it hundreds of times as I wrote.
The lyrics fit the story perfectly. Give it a listen.



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  1. Christina Rogers says:

    I am more excited to get A Willow Creek Christmas now than I was before!!! That was fantastic and I know the rest of book will be also!! As always, great job!!!!