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Dragon Fire – Prison Moon Series
Sci-Fi Romance

Abducted by aliens and housed in an airtight room with twenty other girls wasn’t Sara’s idea of a good time. Neither was being dropped into the jungle of a Prison Moon, but for the rest of the galaxy, it was. She was the entertainment. The game? Survive the lawless alien criminals who ran wild or die trying, but there was no outrunning a dragon, and he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to let her go.

Toren has spent the last several centuries sleeping beneath the rubble of an abandoned temple. The wars decimated his world and now was used as a dumping ground for the most vile creatures in the galaxy. A Prison Moon where it was kill or be killed. He slumbers to escape but awakes when a female, the first he’s seen in centuries, stumbles into his lair. And now that he’s seen her, he’s not letting her go.

But the corporation that runs Prison Moon One has other plans. Broadcasting a televised event across the galaxy of an Arena fight between a live dragon and any willing to fight him will bring in more viewers, and money, than they could imagine. All they had to do was catch him and to do that, they had to take the girl.

Releasing April 24th!



Nightingale – Willow Creek #8
Historical Western Romance

Aaron Hilam and Betsey Atwater’s Book

Release Date: May/June 2018



Silver Falls #2
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Graham Hart and Rose Campbell’s Book


Release Date: Fall 2018



Warlord’s Mate – Prison Moon Series
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Release Date: Fall 2018



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