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I get emails from readers asking questions about upcoming books, questions about characters or places and things concerning the older books I’ve written. I thought it would be nice to compile all these into a FAQ of sorts so this page will be dedicated to that.

If you have a question, just used the form found HERE.



>>“Will you write a book about Keri finding her brother Peter Davis from A Willow Brook Christmas. Reading for second time. Love this story.” – Sincerely Kathleen D.

A>> I hadn’t really thought of that. I did leave that story line just dangling so I’ll put it in my “idea book” and see what I can come up with. 😉  


Questions about The Night Breed Series


>>“Are there going to be more books in The Calling series. I really never read this kind of book before but read the 2 and would love to read more. And the Willow Creek series I have read at least twice. Are there any more coming also.” – Debbie B.

A>> More of “The Night Breeds Series”? Possibly. I have plans for more books but just haven’t had time to write them yet. I’m a “never-say-never” sort of person so if I get the time, I’ll go play with the shifters some more.

As far as the Willow Creek Books go….Yes…there will be more of them coming. Keep an eye on the Coming Soon page. You’ll find what’s in the works there.

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