For Authors – Want to be featured on Friday First Kiss?


Friday First Kiss


What is Friday First Kiss?

Friday First Kiss is a weekly feature I started in April 2013 and it runs here on my blog every Friday. I highlight books with historical western or contemporary western romance pairings and each post has one similarity–the couples very First Kiss! Whether sweet and romantic or hot and passion filled, that First Kiss is the turning point in every story.

So authors, if you have a published western romance book (traditional, e-published or indie/self-published) and would like to see your book featured here on Friday First Kiss, then take a look at the calendar at the bottom of the page, pick the date you’d like, then fill out the small questionnaire to let Lily know you’re interested. Dates will be on a first come, first serve basis, so if you have a release coming up, book your spot early!

You can see all past Friday First Kisses Here.

(Side Note: I also post these on a Pinterest Board, my Facebook Page, Google+ and Twitter pages, so that’s a ton of the exposure, especially if you link to the post on YOUR social media pages as well.)


The available dates are listed below. If there is no author name on a “Friday” date, then it is available.

Once you have a date in mind, fill out the form below to have your book featured on Friday First Kisses, and Lily will be in contact with you soon.

NOTE: In order to give everyone a chance to be featured, I’ll be limiting the number of times an author can be featured so please don’t request for multiple books every month. It isn’t fair to the others wanting a spot. 


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