Promoting & Opening Hooks

So, its quite apparent to me, that I lack what it takes to properly promote my book – and myself. I’ve been given a handfull of sites, provided by the lovely Gayle Eden and I either can’t navigate them or lack the knowledge to do what I need to, once I find what I’m looking for. Most of the sites I just sit and stare at – lost as to what to do. I have a new book out and yet, only a handfull of people know about it. I thought the hard part was actually editing the darn thing! lol I’m finding this part in the entire process to be the most challenging. Putting yourself ‘out there’ is almost impossible when you’re clueless as to what youre doing. I’v spent more time trying to get people to ’see’ my book than I have writing in the past few weeks … Continue reading

The First Review is in…

A Touch of Heaven Lily GraisonContemporary Erotic RomanceAvailable from Linden Bay RomanceISBN: 1-905393-18-0September 2005 From the moment Colin Gregory had Paige smile at him in high school, he fell head over heels in love with her. He wrote her poetry and looked at her longingly. Paige was one of the “in crowd,” always trying to get along, never leading, only following whatever her girlfriends said and did. Colin was a gangly geek with glasses that everyone made fun of. Paige ended up breaking Colin’s heart and spirit at school one day. From that moment on, he never again wrote her poetry or looked her way. Ten years later Paige and her girlfriends are getting together for their high school reunion. They end up going to an all-male strip club. The last stripper zeroes in on Paige. What a gorgeous hunk Simon is! He is all over Paige. These two end … Continue reading

Why is it never easy?

I’ve been working on the plot for a short story and I can’t seem to find that ONE tiny piece that will pull the whole thing together. I know the when, the why, the how, but I can’t figure out the ‘what’ that pulls the ending together. I have several ideas, but I keep running around in circles for some reason. I’m lost. Its the key to the whole thing and without it, it won’t work at all. I usually suffer through the ‘title’ phase for days, but of course, that came easy this time. Figures. I guess if I didn’t have so much on my mind right now, it may be simplier. There is just so much going on. And of course, I’ve had ch. 5 of the vampire novel for almost 2 weeks now and it still isn’t finished. I think I’m just getting frustrated. I’ve not had … Continue reading

Novel Changes

I’ve been changing things in the novel again. A name change was in order. I won’t go into details as to why though, but I think it was for the best. Now – as I think of this character, I see him differntly. I see him as being ‘more’ than what he was. Before, with the name I had given him, he was somehow – softer. Now I don’t feel that way. I feel as though it was a good thing. He’ll be more of what I had invisioned. All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison

Finally a break

I finished my rewrites of the soon to be known “A Touch of Heaven”. I’m sure there is more editing to be done, but it won’t be as hard as actually converting the story the way I have. I’m already looking at my other stories to see if any of them are worth converting. I can only think of one, though. At least now I can finally get back to the novel. I’ve missed working on it. And so has Meg. LOL All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison

It’s Signed!

So – I just recieved the contract from Linden Bay Romance for the sale of my short story. The new title is – ‘A Touch of Heaven’ – which I know ‘someone’ won’t like. lol They only hold rights to all electronic and POD copies of the story, so normal publication is still a possibility if I choose to do so. I have three chapters of the novel finished – completly. Chapter four is done, but it still needs fine tuning and final editing. We’re up to 27 pages now and a little over 15,000 words. It feels like I’ll never get finished. If these people running around my house would leave me be for twenty minutes, I could probably do that. All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison

It’s Working!

The new site is now up and running. It didn’t take nearly as long as I figured it would. There’s still no information on the site, but I’ll be adding it soon. The link for is on the left. All material &copy2005-2012 to Lily Graison