Book 4 – Wicked: Sweet Temptation


Wicked: Sweet Temptation
by Lily Graison

Book 4 in the Wicked Series
Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook/Paperback
Length: Novella
Released: Sept. 2009

Mick Sheppard, drummer for the band Wicked, has sworn off women after his whirlwind romance with a fan cost him thousands in legal fees and a years worth of gossip in every trash magazine known to man. So, imagine his surprise when he wakes from an alcohol induced haze in Vegas, hung over, and married to a woman he knows next to nothing about.

Faith Weston is your typical good girl. Or so her father thinks. The daughter of a minister, she’s lived her life on the straight and narrow. A trip to Sin City brings reality to a screeching halt when she discovers her week of reckless abandon has left her married to a rock star. One of the bad boys her father warned her about.

Will Mick and Faith find a way out of their drunk-induced marriage or will they both discover some things were just meant to be? When love is the last thing you’re looking for, how do you turn your back on it when it finally finds you?


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What Readers Are Saying…


5 stars! The minister’s daughter and the rock star bad boy set Sin City in flames…Sweet Temptation steams up with passion to be dunked in coldness only to heat back up again slowly with a forever love that shows what romance truly is. – Jo, Joyfully Reviewed
5 stars! Could not put down the book once I started reading it. I love the banter between the hero and heroine , the sexual tension , humor , emotions ….in short this book has everything that I could ask for in a sexy romance. – Sona, Amazon Reviewer
Hot and sizzling. – Jamie, Amazon Reviewer


Chapter One


Faith Weston was going to hell. She knew it with every new breath as her gaze feasted on the one man who was an immoral danger to her soul. In one week he’d completely ruined her. She lusted for him until her body burned with need, was green with envy when another woman even looked his way and thought of at least a dozen ways to exact her revenge on those brave enough to speak to him in her presence. She’d greedily kept him locked in his room, feeding her gluttonous appetite on his body and spent hours doing nothing but laying about letting him have his way with her. Only her pride kept her from letting anyone know about it.

One perfect week playing consort to a rock star and she couldn’t tell a single soul.

She watched him talk with a group of women on the other side of the pool and plotted ways to expose the bimbos for the fake tarts they were. Of course, they would probably think the exact same thing about her and they wouldn’t be far off. She had barely given a token protest the first time Mick tried to kiss her four days ago and once the alcohol came out, her clothes fell off. He’d sent her screaming toward ecstasy in a matter of minutes and he’d become a drug she couldn’t get enough of. Mick Sheppard, drummer for the band Wicked, was the one her daddy had warned her about. The kind of man that sinks his claws into you and nothing you do will break his hold. She believed her daddy now. Mick Sheppard was a dangerous man.

But damn her soul if she still didn’t want him.

He looked across the pool at her, the tip of his tongue sliding past his lips enough to flash the silver stud pierced through it and her knees went weak. He grinned and she knew her panties would be soaked clean through before the night was over.

“Did he just… wiggle his tongue at you?”

Faith jumped, startled, when someone touched her arm and spoke. She glanced up, smiling at Joan, the woman responsible for her even being in Vegas to begin with.

“That’s the drummer for the band, isn’t it?” Joan asked.

“Yes. That’s Mick.”

“Well, he hasn’t taken his eyes off of you for the last fifteen minutes.”

Faith tore her gaze from Mick and looked over at her friend. Why Joan was even at the band’s party was a mystery. The woman hadn’t been married six hours yet but instead of being locked inside her room with her bridegroom, she was partying with rock stars. “He likes to shock people,” she said. “And nothing shocks you more than a sexual overture.”

“I think it’s more than that,” Joan said, grinning. “He’s still watching you.”

Faith glanced back at him, biting her cheek to keep from smiling. There were no less than six women surrounding him, all talking at once, and he was just standing there nursing a beer while his gaze bore into her. She shivered just thinking about what was going through his mind. “He’s just trying to get a reaction out of me.”

“If the look on your face is any indication, he’s succeeding.”

Faith grinned. “Don’t you have a honeymoon to go to?”

“Yes. I just came to tell you bye and to thank you again for coming out here to share my wedding day with me.”

“I wouldn’t have been anywhere else,” Faith said. “You and Jessi are the best girlfriends I could have ever asked for.”

“Ah, don’t make me cry,” Joan said. “I’ve done enough of that today as it is.”

“You’re supposed to cry at your wedding.”

“Yes, but Michael is starting to get worried. He thinks I regret marrying him now.”

Faith laughed. “Well, don’t keep standing here talking to me. Take that new husband of yours up to your room and show him exactly how wrong he is.”

“Will do, hon.” Joan hugged her and Faith smiled as she watched her walk away before turning her head, searching out Mick. He was halfway across the pool deck, headed straight for her.

Her stomach clenched delightfully and her skin heated at the look in his eyes. She knew exactly what he wanted and lord help her, she was going to give it to him.

“Meet me in my room,” he said, not missing a step as he walked past her. She watched him saunter into the main building and round the corner before disappearing out of sight. Since the day she left Georgia the week before, she knew this trip would change her life and boy had it ever. The bright lights and dazzling lifestyle was such a far cry from the tiny blip on the map that she came from. It was every bit as mesmerizing as she thought it would be and hooking up with a rock star had just been a bonus. She hated to give it all up. Especially Mick. Since meeting him the day she arrived in Vegas, she hadn’t been able to think of anything else. Her best friend, Jessi, after introducing Mick to her had told her to watch herself. That Mick wasn’t her type. How wrong her friend was. Mick was exactly her type. What girl could pass up a bad boy, especially one as wicked as Mick Sheppard?

She glanced around the pool, looking for Jessi and Christian, the band’s bass player. She didn’t see either of them and took a step backwards, making her way to the building before darting inside and hurrying down the hall. Mick’s cottage was only a few steps away from where she’d been standing but if anyone saw her enter, they’d have no doubt why she did. Sneaking around all week was now an everyday occurrence.

Existing through the back door, she hid behind the bushes lining the building, checking to see if anyone was looking her way before making a run for the back entrance of Mick’s cottage.

He grabbed her the moment she opened the door.

“It’s about damn time,” he said, slamming the door behind her. He lifted her, bracing her against the wall before kissing her breathless.

His hands slid under her shirt, deft fingers unhooking her bra before he cupped her breasts in his palm. “It’s our last night, Tinker Bell. You going to grant me a wish?”

“Depends on what the wish is,” she said, lowering her head to take his lips in a kiss. His tongue ring clinked against her teeth and she moaned as the kiss heated and turned the blood rushing through her veins to liquid fire.

“I want to go where no man has gone before,” he whispered against her mouth. His hand cupped her bottom and he ground himself against her. “I want to pop the only cherry you have left.”

“Oh god.” Faith moaned as Mick’s fingers dug into her ass through her jeans and she knew exactly what he wanted.

“Give me my wish, Tink, and I promise you, this will be a night you’ll never forget.”


End of excerpt


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Wicked: Sweet Temptation (Wicked Series, #4)


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