Flash Fiction Prompt…Broken


Breathless by Lily Graison
(344 words)- original piece from unfinished story
© 2012 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved


They say ones life is a series of choices but what if our paths were already set. The choices we make only steer us to an inevitable course with the outcome the same. How painful the journey is, is up to us.



Rachael Starnes stared at the house while rain splattered the road and ran down her face, obscuring her tears. The numbing tingle of the cold, wet drops hitting her flesh let her know she was still alive. Her heart lay shattered in hundreds of pieces, the pain a stabbing reminder of what she’d lost.

Her future stood inside that house, smiling along with the dozens of happy faces all alight with laughter. That should be her in there. It would have been if only…

She closed her eyes and saw him that first day. Standing at the foot of the bed staring at her in wonder. She’d heard of him from the others but had never seen him. The moment she did, she was lost. The sadness in his eyes caused her heart to ache.

Months of smiles, small talk and secret lunches led to one glorious night. A night that changed her life forever. The night his wife woke from her coma. Being her nurse all those years drove the guilt deeper. Made her regret for loving a married man that much more profound.

How had things gone so wrong? For over a year she’d lived her life in total bliss and in one horrifying, glorious second, her world crumbled before her eyes and she was helpless to stop it. The life she’d dreamed of sifted through her fingers like broken glass and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Someone stepped in front of the window. Rachel pushed her wet hair out of her eyes and saw him. Even from across the street she could see that same sadness she’s seen for so long on his face. He lifted his hand, fingers splayed against the glass and for one brief second, they were one.

Then he was gone.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Oh, how sad. Too bad this didn’t go any further.

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