Flash Fiction Prompt…A Motorcycle and a Sexy Man


Careful What You Wish For by Lily Graison
(813 words)
© 2012 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved



“It’s a book.”

Nadine rolled her eyes. “It isn’t just a book, silly. It’s a book of spells.”

Sue flipped through the pages of the book before looking back at the cover. 1,000 Spells To Conjure A Lover. She smiled and looked back at her friend. “Thanks, Nadine. It’s a great birthday present.”

Nadine grinned. “I know. It’s how I met Nick, you know.”

With a raised eyebrow, Sue seriously thought her friend had lost it. Everyone knew Nadine hooked Nick by dancing topless down at the Eager Beaver. Telling everyone it was ‘magic” didn’t make it true.

Flipping back through the book, she stopped on a page at random and read the passage. “So, my knight in shining armor will just…appear if I perform the spells correctly, right?”

Nadine took another sip of her rum and coke. “Yep. Just make sure the man you really want is described in the spell otherwise you’ll end up with someone like that toad, Jerry, that Helen is stuck with.”

Sue shuddered. Being alone was better than ending up with a man like Jerry.

When the last guest left, Sue retreated to the living room, spell book in hand. She grabbed the remaining bottle of wine and sat down to examine her new boyfriend finding spell book. She giggled while reading some of the pages. Most of the entries looked as if twelve year olds wrote them. Did people really think they could conjure a man out of thing air?

By the time she drank the last of the wine, she thought maybe they could. Dashing around the house, she found the ingredients for her spell and carried them outside. Searching the garage for the last ingredient, she pulled it to the porch and inspected it under the lights. It was beat up but would work. The old bicycle was missing a tire but the spell book didn’t say it had to be in perfect working order.

Grabbing the old leather jacket from the pile of things she’d carried outside, Sue draped the worn leather across the seat and added in the rest of the ingredients. She said the appropriate words, lit the candle and waited.

Five minutes later the candle burnt her finger and she cussed, throwing the melting candle away before sucking her fingers into her mouth. That’s when she heard it. The unmistakable sound of a motorcycle. Her heart rate increased and the wine she’d drunk earlier made her head spin more than it had been. She whirled and ran around the house, down the driveway and looked up the street. A single light pierced her vision and she watched in rapt wonder as the light grew brighter, swirling with every color of the rainbow.

The moment the roaring of the motorcycle grew deafening, Sue blinked and rubbed at her eyes when she saw it ride through the mass of light. One moment the street was empty, the next, a hoard of motorcycle riding sex gods descended onto her quiet suburban street. When they stopped in front of her, she swallowed to moisten her now dry mouth.

The lead rider was studying her, his gaze running slow paths over her body. When his gaze lifted and he met her eyes, he gave her a dimpled smile. “Hello Sue.”

Sue stared wide-eyed at him, too speechless to utter a sound,

“I hear it’s your birthday.”

She nodded again and looked at the other men lining the street. One biker in particular drew her interest. He looked familiar. So did the girl sitting behind him. When their eyes locked, Sue knew she’d been had.

“Somehow I knew you’d pick the motorcycle riding love spell.” When Nadine hoped off the bike and removed her helmet, handing it to Nick, Sue wanted to kill her. She waited until her friend joined her on the sidewalk before throwing the spell book at her.

“You set me up.”

Nadine giggled. “Yeah but you have to admit, the outcome was worth it.”

“Oh?” Sue said. “How do you figure that?”

Nadine nodded her head toward the man on the lead bike, all two-hundred leather bound pounds of him. “Max has wanted to meet you since you caught sight of you down at the Eager Beaver. The man has a serious case of the hots for you.”

Sue turned her head to look at him. He was a yummy specimen. She grinned when he cocked his head at her and patted the seat behind him. What the hell, she thought. It was her birthday. So what if she conjured a love spell to find her dream man and her friend made sure he actually appeared. Another glance at Max and Sue knew she’d owe her friend big time. But later. Right now she had a biker who hadn’t taken his eyes off of her and her thighs itched to straddle that beast.

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