Flash Fiction Prompt…Castle


My Laird, My Love by Lily Graison
(525 words) – original characters
© 2012 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved



She was finally here!

Simone turned her head so the others in the tour wouldn’t see her grinning like an idiot. Every since she’d read her first Highlander romance novel, she’d dreamed of visiting Scotland and touring the castles.

How many times had she fantasized about falling through some crack in time, landing in Scotland, and being swept off her feet by some handsome man in a kilt?

She was still hopeful as she strolled the halls of the old keep. There were plenty of creepy old nooks and crannies to fall into. Of course, ending up in the eighteenth century was doubtful but one could never give up hope.

The tour guide directed them to another room. Simone followed along, imagining what it would have been like three hundred years ago, living in this monstrous home. The laird of the keep issuing orders while the clan ran to do his bidding.

He’d be tall and handsome, have great legs peeking out from under his kilt and his massive bare chest gleaming with sweat.

She smiled.

The booming voice of a man with a strong Scottish burr came from behind her. Her heart raced at the sound. She closed her eyes, imaging him as the hero she’d been dreaming of. He’d look just as she pictured. Strong, dashing… heroic.

She turned to look, her heart soaring in anticipation of seeing him.

Simone gasped at the sight.

He was wearing a kilt but that was about all she could say for him. Belly fat was hanging over his sporran and he wasn’t handsome in the least. On future inspection, she noticed his legs were hairy…as was the rest of him. So much covered his face he looked more beast than anything. He smelled funny, too, and when he smiled at her, she shuddered. Half his teeth were missing.

“There you are, lass!”

Simone sighed. So much for her fantasy. She’d finally arrived at the castle of her dreams and found a hairy, fat, loud Laird.

She turned back to the group and froze. They were gone. A look at her surroundings showed them changed. The sounds coming from inside the castle were louder, the smells stronger. Fear crawled up her spine.

Turning back to the man, her eyes widened. He was still there. Still staring at her.

“Come, we’ll be late for the wedding.” He held out his hand for her.

Wedding? Simone was ushered through the castle and it didn’t take but a moment to realize her wish had been granted! She had traveled back through time. Excitement bubbled as she wondered where her hero was.

When she stepped into the church and saw everyone looking at her, she glanced to the man beside her. The big, hairy, smelly one. Surely this wasn’t the Laird.

As they reached the front of the building and he stopped beside of her, she realized he was. A wide-eyed look at him, and having him smile that toothless grin at her was all it took. She clicked her heels together three times and screamed, ‘There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!”

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