Flash Fiction Prompt…Spring Rain


A New Life by Lily Graison
(135 words) – original character
© 2012 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved




The sun peeked from behind the clouds when Lindsey stepped out onto the deck. She inhaled the scent of fresh cut grass, daffodils, and wet earth.

Spring rain drizzled moisture onto her skin and the surrounding trees. The light from the sun caused those tiny drops to shimmer like small diamonds on every surface she saw.

After the cold bitter winter, the sun and rain were a welcome sight. It brought with it new life, a splash of colorful rainbows as flowers bloomed and chased away the gloom.

The chirping of birds filled the air, the scurry of small animals at the forest edge. Life was abundant and the small kick to her abdomen was proof enough.

Lindsey smiled, cupped her hand around her swollen belly and sipped her tea.

It was a good day.

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