Flash Fiction Prompt…Hair


Revenge by Lily Graison
(898 words) – characters from a future story
© 2012 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved



“You can’t seriously be doing this.”

Rachel smiled. “Of course I am.”

“But what if he freaks?”

She laughed. “And I care why?” Turning, she walked back into the main part of the beauty shop, stopping to look at her latest customer. Duncan Bren, big shot millionaire from California and current pain in her ass was sitting there smiling that hundred-watt smile and charming the panties off every woman in the room.

He’d breezed into town a month ago, started buying property from every person in town and now owned everything from the mountain to the highway. He essentially owned every business in the town. All but one. Hers. The beauty shop was the only thing standing between him and complete ownership of Falls Creek.

He looked up as she approached and she smiled so wide her jaws ached. She spun his chair around, facing him toward the woman he was wooing, and laid the bottle on the counter behind her.

Duncan turned his head to look at her over his shoulder. “What’s in the bottle?”

“Just a special conditioner I invented. It’ll make your hair shine. People will be able to see you coming from a block away.”

Courtney snorted and choked, coughing as she nearly ran to the back room. Duncan watched her go and glanced back over his shoulder. He looked worried. Rachel grinned. He should be.

Duncan was a lot of things but she had to admit, he was the best looking thing to hit town in…well, ever. He also had really nice hair. It was thick and silky between her fingers. It was a shame to ruin it. She dismissed the thought as quickly as it came, sectioned off his hair and starting applying her ‘special conditioner.’

She wrapped his hair in a bag and sat him I under the dryer when she’d finished. He spent the next twenty minutes telling everyone who would listen about his plans for the town. How tourist from around the world would come to their little mountain paradise and how they would all benefit from it.

Rachel wasn’t buying it. No one in town would benefit but him. He’d make a small fortune off this venture and the townsfolk and wildlife would suffer for it.

When the timer was up, she smiled and turned off the dryer, telling Duncan to sit at the sink. The moment she removed the bag from his head, Mabel Simmons gasped.

Rachel gave her a stern look, warning her with a glance to keep quiet as she rinsed Duncan’s hair. For Mabel, that would be a miracle. The old woman was the busiest body in town. Rachel was sure everyone within a four block radius would know what she’d done before Duncan made it out to the sidewalk.

When he was sitting back at her station, she was careful to keep his back to the mirror until she’d dried his hair. When she was finished, she winked at Courtney and turned the chair around.

Duncan stared at himself in the mirror and for once, Rachel couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He did nothing but stare at his reflection. The ticking of the clock on the wall was the only sound in the room. The older ladies who usually made up her Saturday morning clientele sat breathless, watching.

When Duncan finally looked up and caught her eye in the mirror, he smiled. “I have to hand it to you, Ms. Granger, I never saw this coming.” He raised his hand, ran it through his streaked hair and laughed. “I’m not sure blue is my color, though.”

She grinned. “Sure it is. It matches your eyes.”

He stared at himself again, fingering the bright blue streaks she’d put into his hair and shook his head. “If you say so.” He unclipped the cape from around his neck, laid it on the counter and stood before turning to face her. “I take it this ‘special conditioner’ you gave me will come out on its own?”

Rachel shrugged her shoulder. “Possibly.” It would, she knew that, but she wasn’t about to tell him.

He nodded his head and reached for his wallet, pulled out a few bills and laid them down beside the cape before turning to the door. When he reached it, he looked back over at her. “I suppose, since you’ve managed to get one over on me, having dinner with me will be my only consolation.”

Rachel gaped at him. Dinner? He wanted to have dinner with her?

He pulled the door open and stepped out into the bright, noonday sun. “I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“I never said I’d go.”

He grinned, the dimple in his cheek showing. “You never said you wouldn’t either.”

He left without another word. The arrogant man hadn’t even waited for her reply! When the whispers from the ladies in the shop started, Rachel turned to look at them. They were all grinning at her. “What?”

“You like him,” Mabel said.

Rachel snorted. “Not likely.”

“Then why are you holding your chest and have that dreamy look on your face?”

She turned to the mirror. She was flushed and she did have a funny look on her face. She scowled and huffed at Mabel. “Get over here, Mabel, and stop making up stories. I don’t like Duncan Bren.”

Mabel grinned. “If you say so, dear.”

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