Free Wicked: Jade Butterfly Flash Fiction by Lily Graison
(2,179 words) – Christian’s afraid of flying. Jessi distracts him the only way she knows how.
© 2010 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved


Scared of flying was undoubtedly an understatement, Jessi thought as she looked at Christian. His face was white, his lips bloodless, and small beads of perspiration had broken out on his forehead. He was staring out the planes window, his eyes wide and unseeing. She grinned and leaned over, pulling the window cover down and blocking out the sight of blue sky and clouds.

He turned his head to look at her and even though he smiled, she could tell it was forced. “How are you going to fly across an entire ocean?” she asked.

“I plan on getting drunk until I pass out.”

She laughed. “And what if you wake up halfway there?”

“Um, throw up until I pass out?”

“That’ll work, I suppose.” She leaned in to him, grabbing his arm and wrapping it around her shoulder. “Stop thinking about it. It’s no different than riding a bus.”

“I’ve never been on a bus that can drop me thirty thousand feet to the ground.”

“Is that what you’re afraid of? Crashing?”

“No,” he said. “It’s the, having my brains splattered across the ground when the plane hits, that bothers me.”

“We’re not going to crash.” She leaned up, kissing him until she felt him relax against her. The sound of the others, Christian’s band mates and their girlfriends, echoed softly in the background as they talked quietly. “Besides, it’s a short flight. Don’t be so nervous.”

The plane had taken off from Vegas with a few bumps and Christian’s hand had tightened around hers until her fingers were pinched together painfully. He’d told her he didn’t like flying but he wasn’t being completely truthful. Terrified was a better word for it. She wondered how he ever made it from city to city. Unlike most bands, the members of Wicked flew most everywhere they went. Cramped buses would never do for the spoiled rock stars she was getting to know. They wanted it all and, from what she’d seen, they got it. Their slightest whim was catered to without a second thought.

When the plane hit a small air pocket, and dipped before straightening again, Christians Christian’s hold on her hand tightened. She grinned before not needed looking over at the others. They were huddled together in the plush seats, talking and laughing amongst themselves. Turning to look back at Christian, she grinned before leaning over to whisper in his ear. This sentence seems a little convoluted it might be better if you said something like Turning back to Christian, she grinned and leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Have you ever wanted to join the Mile High Club? I’m sure your band mates have been members for years.”

He grinned. The first one she’d seen on his face since stepping into the airport. “You’re not a member?” he asked.

Jessi shook her head. “No. Want to initiate me?”

Christian looked over at the others and Jessi saw his face turn red. No matter how hard he tried to be like the others, he just couldn’t pull off the entire bad boy act. He was too innocent. He still blushed at the slightest suggestion and she loved him even more for it. Catching his eye, she smiled and said, “Meet me in the bathroom.”

She stood and walked away before he could say another word.

The others barely acknowledged her as she passed by them and Christian followed Christian’s eyes followed a little clearer her movements until she disappeared behind the bathroom door. His pulse had already started racing just thinking about what she suggested. Was she serious? Did she really have to have sex this makes it sound like she has a sex addition it might be better if you said Did she really want to have sex on an airplane? Did he? He grinned as his cock twitched. The answer to that was obvious. But how would he get back there without the others knowing? Surely they’d figure out what they were doing. They weren’t stupid.

He waited for longer than he should have, trying to gather enough nerve to actual stand up, but when he did, a rush of adrenaline coursed through his veins and led him across the length of the plane in quick steps. When he stopped at the bathroom door, he swallowed heavily before knocking. then knocked. Smoother “Jessi,” he whispered, turning to look over his shoulder at his band mates. No one was looking at him.

The bathroom door opened a moment later and Christian’s eyes widened as he looked at Jessi. She reached out, fisted his shirt into her hand, and pulled him into the bathroom.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming,” she said, grinning as she locked the door behind him. She kissed him moments later, wouldn’t she be on him as soon as he got in the door? her nude body fitting snugly against his own and he wasted no time touching every inch of her he could reach. The curls between her legs were damp and warm. She moaned into his mouth when he slid one finger into her folds, her arms tightening around his shoulders. She broke the kiss, thrusting her hips forward before arching her back. Her breasts jutted toward his face and Christian bent his head, taking a peeked nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue. Her breaths were panted out and the small space inside the bathroom heated in minutes.

Moving inside a small airplane bathroom wasn’t easy, even if it was larger than most. The private plane was luxurious by most standards but a bathroom was a bathroom. They weren’t made for comfort.

Jessi pulled his shirt up and over his head, banging her elbow against the wall and yelling yelled before laughing. By the time they had his pants down, Christian was sure someone had to know what was going.

She grinned at him as she lifted her leg, hooking it over his hip. “Do you want me to moan really loud, say your name repeatedly and scream out my ecstasy?” This is a really cute sentence but how did she know what he was thinking? Maybe a comment about her “knowing that look on his face” might help, plus it would also prove that she really understands him —Just a thought

Christian laughed, grabbing her hips. He slid inside of her warmth, watching her face. She gasped, her eyes closing briefly before she opened them and looked at him. “I don’t think you screaming will be necessary. I’m sure everyone on the plane knows what we’re doing in here.”

“I’m sure they do,” she said. She leaned toward him, nibbling his bottom lip as he started rocking his hips toward her. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, swirling against his own and their wasn’t a need for words after that.

He gripped her hips, didn’t just grab her hips in the above paragraph? watching her face as he drove into her. Her eyes were glazed over, her mouth open slightly. He couldn’t stop watching her as he made love to her. He as still amazed he had her. That she hadn’t wanted to be separated from him any more than he wanted to be.

There hadn’t been a night since they made up from their fight that she hadn’t been in his bed. He didn’t ever want her out of it. He’d ask her to marry him today if he knew she’d say yes, but it was too soon. They barely knew each other but that didn’t stop him from loving her. And he did. He loved her with an intensity he was scared to even contemplate most days. Having her with him was enough for now. He’d ask her soon, though. As soon as she said as she says the words back to him, he’d ask. When he knew she wanted him forever, he’d ask her.

Her fingers tightened on his shoulders and she gasped, her head falling back against the wall. The graceful length of her throat was exposed, her pulse throbbing on the side of her neck. When she whispered his name he knew she was close. He leaned forward, kissing her just under the ear, his hips moving faster. She clutched at him, pulled him closer with her arms and leg and the hitch in her breath, how can pull him closer with the hitch of her breath? her limbs clinging to him drove him closer to edge. When she shattered, her quick breaths stopping before she let out a small yell, he followed, slamming into her in quick burst that in a quick burst that left his knees weak and his heart pounding.

When they stilled, both gasping in breaths of air, he sighed and buried his face into her hair. Neither said a word as they stood there trying to catch their breath. When the pilot announced they would be landing soon, Christian lifted his head. “We can’t be there already.”

Jessi grinned before laughing. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

“Apparently so.” He gave her a quick kiss, pulling from her heat before fixing his clothes. Getting dressed inside the cramped bathroom was more difficult than actually having sex and the noise they were making had them both laughing loudly.

When they were presentable, Jessi nodded her head to the door. “You want me to go first?”

“What’s the use? I’ve no doubt they heard us.”

Jessi shrugged a shoulder before reaching for the door and unlocking it. When they stepped out of the bathroom, everyone was looking at them. Christian felt his face flame before grabbing Jessi’s hand and walking back to their seat. He helped her with her seatbelt, hooked his own, and tried like hell not to look at the guys.

It didn’t last long. He could feel them staring at him.

When he glanced over at them, they grinned at him before laughing. They hooted and hollered, said the rudest things he’d ever heard them say in front of the girls and he wanted to crawl under his seat. He turned his head, looking at anything but them and felt his face burn hot. When Jessi chuckled, he turned to look at her.

“Not you too,” he said.

“What?” she said, innocently.

“Did they put you up to this?”

She didn’t answer. When he looked over at Roxy, she had a very smug look on her face. She was examining her fingernails, buffing them on her sleeve before she raised her eyes to him. When she winked at him, he bent his head, hiding his face. The laughs continued until the plane made its decent. Once it Once the plane clearer stopped and they all stood, he looked back over at the guys.

“He’s blushing like a virgin on prom night,” Mick said.

“Fuck you, Mick.”

Mick’s eyes widened. “You mean you still have the strength? Damn man, I didn’t know you were such a stud!”

Christian laughed and ushered Jessi toward the door.

When they walked into the airport, the screaming fans that had come to greet them made him forget his embarrassment. Jessi moved closer to him and he lifted his arm, wrapping it around her waist to keep her close to him. “You never answered me,” he said.

“About what?” she asked.

He leaned toward her and whispered, “Did they put you up to that? Did Roxy?”

She laughed, the sound rich and throaty. “Roxy doesn’t have to persuade me to have my wicked way with you. Just looking at you is enough for that.”

“You know what I mean.”

Jessi grinned. “She may have mentioned I would need to distract you. She never said how I should go about it though.”

“So wanting to have sex with me on the plane was your idea?”

When they reached the limo, and waited for the others to climb in, she turned and looked at him. “I’d fuck you in a crowded room if that’s what you wanted.” She gave him a saucy smile before climbing in the car.

He remembered the night when he first kissed her, in a little bar in Chicago, the night he let her get away from him. Mick’s words about her being a freak and fucking him those who have not read the other story might not know who the him is…. You might want to make it clearer on the bar came back to him in an instant. He grinned. Maybe his friend could read a woman like he claimed he could. Lord knew he’d never considered Jessi the type to be an exhibitionist. But then again, there was a lot he didn’t know about her.

When she said his name, he climbed in the car and shut the door. She smiled at him and laid her hand on his thigh. When her fingers spread wide, her pinky rubbing against his cock, he knew. This girl had secrets he couldn’t wait to find out about. He just hoped she didn’t make him wait to long.

The End

The Wicked Series

The four men who make up the rock band, Wicked, the hottest act to hit the scene in years, have earned their wicked status without much help. They’re bad, sinfully delicious, and a temptation to every woman they meet.

Gearing up for a worldwide tour, the guys are about to come face to face with the only women strong enough to tame them. But it’ll take more than a few smooth words to win the hearts of these ladies. When you can have any woman you want, how do you convince the one you can’t live without her?

Book 1 – Wicked: Tempt Me Not (Devin and Holly)
Book 2 – Wicked: Leather and Lace (Luke and Roxy)
Book 3 – Wicked: Jade Butterfly (Christian and Jessi)
Book 4 – Wicked: Sweet Temptation ( Mick and Faith)
Boxset – Wicked: The Complete Series All 4 books in one hot volume!

Wicked: Jade Butterfly – Flash Fiction
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