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Roxy slipped on one of Luke’s button-up shirts and looked in the bathroom mirror. Her skin was still pink from the shower and she debated on whether to leave her hair up or to let it down. Not that it mattered. Luke didn’t seem to mind either way, although he did like grabbing handfuls of it while he pounded into her from behind. She grinned and reached up, pulling the clips holding it off her shoulders out and letting the strands fall down her back.

She walked into the bedroom, looking at the empty room. She would have bet money on Luke being laid out on the bed, naked and hard, waiting for her. When he wasn’t, she only had a brief moment to wonder where he was until she got her answer. The rough grinding screech of a guitar being plugged into an amplifier echoed through the apartment and she smiled before heading to the door. The first chords of the bands new song drifted into the hall as she made her way to the music room. When she reached the door, she stopped to watch.

He was leaning back against the desk, one ankle crossed over the other. He wore nothing but faded blue jeans and his guitar. His hair was slung over one shoulder, his head bent as he watched what he was doing and she wanted to lick him up like cream. He looked amazing.

Walking into the room, she sat in the only chair available, a high-backed wing chair. He glanced up at her, half his face obscured by his hair but she could see enough to catch the glint of something in his eyes. He watched her, his fingers gliding over the strings, his gaze traveling from her face to her legs. When he did nothing but stare, she grinned and leaned back.

The shirt she had on slid up her thighs, his fingers moving faster and the chords he played grew in tempo. Raising her left leg and draping it over the arm of the chair had a much more profound effect. He never missed a note but his hot gaze grew more intent, his chest rising quickly. She smiled at him and ran her hand over her thigh, pausing as her fingers reached the edge of her panties. He looked up at her face then and smiled.

He continued to play, the vibrations of the noise reverberating through her ribs and she felt the pulse of the beat in her stomach. Watching him play was damn near orgasmic as it was, watching him do it wearing next to nothing, and only for her, made things low in her belly ache and caused her pussy to throb.

Roxy lifted the shirt, giving him a glimpse of her panties and shifted her ass on the seat so she was angled toward him. She rubbed her palm over her stomach, her fingertips brushing the edge of the silk covering her and he watched her intently. Raising her other leg and hooking it over the chair arm, she was spread wide-open for him, nothing obstructing his view of her wet folds but the red panties she’d put on.

Slipping her hand inside the front of her underwear, she leaned her head back, watching his face. She slipped a finger between her folds; her breath caught in her throat as she flicked her clit and Luke’s eyes glistened. Reaching deeper and finding herself wet, she grinned before closing her eyes and spreading the moisture between her legs. She imagined him there, his fingers touching her as she rubbed small circles around her swollen nub and within minutes she heard the first missed chord.

She opened her eyes. The look on his face was primal… hungry. He missed another note but kept playing as she rubbed herself faster. A small gasp eased past her lips and she arched her back as the tingles started racing up her spine. She raised her free hand, sliding it to the top of her shirt and unbuttoning the first few buttons. When she’d freed one breasts, she massaged it, pinched her nipple into a hard peek before bending her head and licking it.

The screech of the guitar strings blasted through the room before Luke snatched the guitar strap over his head and dropped the instrument to the floor. He crossed the room in four long strides and fell to his knees between her legs, pulling the top of her panties down before lowering his head. She pulled her hand free and that wonderfully hot tongue of his swiped at her clit before he jerked on her panties. The sound of ripping threads as he pulled them down sent a chill up her spine as he sucked her flesh into his mouth.

He looked up at her, his gaze locking with her own, and she watched as he licked her clit, lapping at her flesh before closing his lips around it. Another yank on her panties and the tiny strap on one side broke free, revealing all of her to his hungry perusal. He licked her from top to bottom, his tongue dipping into her center and his gaze never left hers. He penetrated her, dipping into her heat while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Reaching up with his free hand, he grabbed her breast, his fingers pinching her nipple to this side of pain and she arched her back, trying to bring him closer to the throbbing heat between her legs. He mumbled something against her, his hot breath singeing her with wisps of air and she closed her eyes, hissing his name.

Grabbing her ass with both hands, he lifted her hips and feasted on her flesh, kissing and sucking her into his mouth until a harsh sob burst from her throat. She grabbed the top of his head, her nails digging into his scalp and she felt his teeth scrape against her moments before he penetrated her with two fingers.

“Luke…” He dug deeper, finding the soft fleshy spot that caused her back to stiffen, her fingers to dig deeper into his hair and the flick of his tongue to her clit sent her roaring to climax. She screamed, held his head to her as she rocked her hips and saw stars by the time the sensation dulled and left only small waves of tingles lapping at her spine.

He let go of her and stood, staring at her as he unfastened his pants and slid his jeans down over his hips. He was hard and thick and her mouth watered just looking at him. When he kicked his jeans away and took a step closer to her, she sat up and grabbed him, sliding his cock into her mouth without being asked. He hissed under his breath as she scrapped her teeth over him lightly. The mans tolerance to pain was a turn on and when she felt his hand in her hair, his fingers fisting around the strands she knew he wanted more. She sucked him in deeper, her cheeks hollowing as she slid her head down his length and back up again. She cupped his balls in her free hand, felling them already pulling in toward his body and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Looking up at him she smiled around his cock and leaned back, pulling him with her as she went. He reached out, holding his weight up with a hand on the back of the chair while the other held her head to him.

She licked him from tip to root, kissing down the length and back up again before taking him back into her mouth. She grabbed his ass with one hand, guiding his hips forward and it only took a second for him to set a forward rhythm. She held his cock at the base, only allowing what she could take into her mouth as he continued to push between her lips. His fingers tightened in her hair, his breaths panted out harshly as he fucked her mouth with increasing speed. She dug her nails into his ass and gripped his cock with her other hand, squeezing him the way she knew he liked and within minutes she heard his breathing change, smalls moans and grunts mingling with the wet sounds of his cock sliding past her lips before he let go of her hair and jerked the front of her shirt open.

He pulled from her mouth and she angled him toward her breast moments before the first hot jet of come hit her skin. She jerked him in her fist, milking every drop from him as his body tensed, his back bowing and a harsh cry was forced past his lips. When she rung every drop from him and heard him sigh, she looked up.

Luke stared at her and grinned before leaning down. “If you don’t stop playing with yourself in front of me, Roxy, I’m going to start thinking you’re a tease.”

“Only a tease for you,” she said, leaning up to kiss him. “No one else.”

“Mmm,” he moaned, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. “What other little treats do you have in store for me tonight?”

“Come into the bedroom with me and I’ll show you.”

He stood up straight and reached for her hands, pulling her to her feet. Sliding the shirt she wore off, he wiped her chest clean and tossed the soiled garment to the floor before he kissed her again, his tongue sliding into her mouth and she went limp against him, her arms wrapping around his waist. “You might want to turn some music on,” she said.

“Why’s that?”

“Hard to dance around a stripper pole without music.”

He stilled and stared down at her, the smile that curved his lips, and the twinkle in his eyes were enough to let her know she’d said the magic words. She felt his cock twitch against her thigh and grinned. “I take it you like that idea?”

“Oh, I love that idea,” he said. “But I want you fully dressed before you start.”

She laughed. “I just got undressed.”

“True, but I want to see you strip, Roxy. There’s nothing finer in the world than watching every delicious inch of you being revealed one tiny piece at a time.”

“And what will my reward be for giving you so much tonight?”

“Put on a good show for me Ms. Carlisle and I’ll give you a ride you’ll never forget.”

“I can hardly wait.”

The End


The Wicked Series

The four men who make up the rock band, Wicked, the hottest act to hit the scene in years, have earned their wicked status without much help. They’re bad, sinfully delicious, and a temptation to every woman they meet.

Gearing up for a worldwide tour, the guys are about to come face to face with the only women strong enough to tame them. But it’ll take more than a few smooth words to win the hearts of these ladies. When you can have any woman you want, how do you convince the one you can’t live without her?

Book 1 – Wicked: Tempt Me Not (Devin and Holly)
Book 2 – Wicked: Leather and Lace (Luke and Roxy)
Book 3 – Wicked: Jade Butterfly (Christian and Jessi)
Book 4 – Wicked: Sweet Temptation ( Mick and Faith)
Boxset – Wicked: The Complete Series All 4 books in one hot volume!


Wicked: Leather and Lace – Flash Fiction
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