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(1,009 words) – Deleted scene from Wicked: Tempt Me Not
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Holly slammed into Devin’s back when he suddenly stopped. There was barely enough light to see the path and the air had cooled until she could officially call it cold. The thin jacket she wore did little good but she drew the material closer to her body anyway.

She took a step away from him and looked at their surroundings. Her eyes widened when they landed on the clearing. The same clearing they’d passed an hour ago. “Oh. My. God.”

He gave a light chuckle before scratching the side of his neck. “Guess we took a wrong turn somewhere.”

If she weren’t on the verge of a major freak-out she would have slapped him. “How could you do this?”

“What? It’s not like I did it on purpose,” Devin said as he looked from her to the clearing. “Just got turned the wrong way is all.”

Holly shot him a look that actually made him take a step away from her. She studied his face. The look of concern etched across his features looked sincere and she almost felt bad for yelling until she looked into his eyes. They were dancing with mischief and she had never wanted to kill anyone like she did now. “You did this on purpose!”

“What?” He rolled his eyes at her before turning away. “Are you insane? Why the hell would I purposely get us lost?”

Because you’ve unsuccessfully tried to get into my bed for three days now? Holly laughed before shaking her head and crossing her arms over her chest. “Why else?” she said. “I should have known you were up to something. You planned this from the very beginning didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did! This is the part of the plan that I should have seen coming. It almost worked too, Devin.”

“What almost worked?”

“Get me out here, get me to trust you and then – BAM! You so conveniently get us lost and leave me completely at your mercy.”

“Holly, just calm down,” Devin told her as he walked over to her. “I can get us back to the cabin.”

“Oh, you’ve done such a great job of it so far. God, I’m such an idiot!” She paced away from him, ranting about his schemes and shot him a glare before recounting all the things he’d done to her since meeting him. Rock star may have been on his resume but conniving, sex-crazed fiend was what he really was.


“I can’t believe this. I should have known but did I listen to that little voice inside my head?” Holly asked herself as she continued to pace. “No, of course not!”


“One wicked little grin from you and what did I do? I followed you out here just like you wanted and now look where I am,” she said turning in a circle and pointing at the forest as she did. “The middle of no-fucking-where!”


Holly stopped and turned to look at him and she inhaled deeply before letting it out slowly. He was staring at her, the picnic basket with the remains of their lunch in one hand and the blankets in the other. She watched him as he put the basket on the ground and set the blankets on top of it before walking the short distance to her and stopping in front of her.

“We’re not lost,” Devin said calmly.

“Oh really,” Holly said, sarcastically. “Then what exactly do you call it?”

Devin sighed heavily before running a hand through his hair and looking around. “Okay, maybe a little lost,” he said quietly, “But I can get us back.”

“Then why haven’t you?”

“Oh hell, woman!” Devin finally yelled before he started pacing. “It’s fucking dark out here for one thing and your constant chattering hasn’t helped. Do you honestly think I want to spend the night out here with your bitchy self?”

Holly shrunk back as he started yelling and watched him talk to himself as she had done only moments before. She sighed as she looked up at the darkening sky before looking back at him. He was still pacing and running his hands through his hair. A string of curses followed and it didn’t take her long to realize he was getting just as irritated as she was.

With another long, cleansing breath, Holly’s shoulders slumped before she sat down on the basket and propped her head in her hands.

That’s the way she was when Devin finally stopped cussing. He cocked his head to one side and grinned down at her. “Comfy now?”

“Might as well be.”

Devin sighed before shoving his hands in his coat pockets. “Look, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to turn out like this.”

Holly watched his face and he seemed to be sincere but she still had her doubts. He was almost completely bathed in shadows from the trees and what little light was left danced along the outskirts of the trees. The wildlife seemed to have sprang to life in a matter of minutes and she looked around her nervously. “So, um – can you get us out of here?”

“Tonight?” Devin asked. “Not sure.”

Another long sigh before Holly scrubbed at her face with her hands. “Okay, so I guess we’re camping then?” she asked. Holly glanced around at the clearing when Devin did. The trees would block the majority of wind but they’d still need a heat source. “We’ll freeze out here all night.”

He turned and kicked the leaves and grass out of a small spot. “Well, I guess we need us a bonfire then, yeah?”

Holly looked over at him when he spoke and for a brief second she thought she saw him smile. Would he go to so much trouble just to get her alone and have her completely dependent on him? To try and seduce her in the wilderness? She thought about it for a minute before she smiled to herself. You bet your sweet ass he would.

The End


The Wicked Series

The four men who make up the rock band, Wicked, the hottest act to hit the scene in years, have earned their wicked status without much help. They’re bad, sinfully delicious, and a temptation to every woman they meet.

Gearing up for a worldwide tour, the guys are about to come face to face with the only women strong enough to tame them. But it’ll take more than a few smooth words to win the hearts of these ladies. When you can have any woman you want, how do you convince the one you can’t live without her?

Book 1 – Wicked: Tempt Me Not (Devin and Holly)
Book 2 – Wicked: Leather and Lace (Luke and Roxy)
Book 3 – Wicked: Jade Butterfly (Christian and Jessi)
Book 4 – Wicked: Sweet Temptation ( Mick and Faith)
Boxset – Wicked: The Complete Series All 4 books in one hot volume!


Wicked: Tempt Me Not – Flash Fiction
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