Free Wicked: Tempt Me Not Flash Fiction by Lily Graison
(1,846 words) – Holly takes the place of one of the dancers at a concert, much to Devin’s surprise
© 2010 Lily Graison. All Rights Reserved

For Sonia, who introduced me to Avenged Sevenfold, the inspiration for this little ficlet, and who happens to be one Awesome lady!! This ones for you, girl!

Holly took a calming breath. “Why am I doing this again?”

“Because Devin is going to love you even more for it.”

“If he doesn’t beat me senseless, you mean,” Holly said, turning to look toward Roxy and Jessi, who didn’t look the least bit nervous.

“He won’t,” Roxy said. “He’s going to be shocked and turned on. You’ll be lucky if you can walk after tonight.”

“I’m assuming you aren’t talking about me breaking my leg in these shoes.”

Jessi laughed. “Come on, Holly. This was your idea.”

“No it wasn’t!”

“It was,” Roxy said. “You said those bimbos had no business bumping and grinding on our men. Which you were right about, by the way.”

“And how does that make this stunt my idea?”

Roxy adjusted the straps on her red sequined bra, pushed her boobs together, and turned to face the others. “Because, Holly, if those bimbos, as you put it, aren’t in the show, the guys will know we’re a bunch of jealous old biddies.” She grinned and shook her hips. “So, no bimbos mean someone has to do this. Which means us. Now come on.”

Holly turned to look in the mirror again and cringed. Her ass was all but bare and she wouldn’t be surprised it her breasts didn’t fall out of the bra the moment she moved. She huffed out a resigned breath and turned, chasing Roxy and Jessi down the darkened corridor to the back of the stage. The guys were on their last song of the night, the screams of the fans echoing in the building. Multicolored lights flashed off the walls and the music was so loud she knew she’d be deaf by morning.

They climbed onto the platform, waited for the stagehands to signal them, and held on as the small stage they stood on began to rise.

When the crowd came into view, Holly had second thoughts. What was she doing? Devin was going to kill her! She shouldn’t be dressed in what amounted to nothing more than skimpy underwear and performing in his show.

The time for doubts was over. The moment the song Devin was singing hit the chorus, the crowd was on their feet screaming, the lights flashing in brilliant colors and the platform they were on reached its peek. Holly looked to Roxy and followed her lead and started to dance.

They’d watched the dance rehearsals for a week now and knew all the moves. Knew where they were supposed to go and what to do when they got there.

As the music blasted across the stage and Holly felt the thumping from the acoustics in her chest, she took a deep breath and let herself go. The choreographed dance was an easy one, thankfully, and by the time Roxy and Jessi had positioned themselves in front of Mick’s drums, the enthusiasm from the crowd had calmed her nerves.

Holly played her part, shaking her hips to the beat and following the moves. She watched Devin as she danced, biting her tongue when he turned to look at them. He didn’t recognize her. He performed the song without missing a beat. When the moment came they were supposed to tempt the guys, they broke away from center stage and took position near each of them. That’s when Devin looked at her. Really looked. He paused in the middle of the song, the lyrics lost to his wide-eyed expression and gaping mouth as the others played on. His smile was slow to form but when it came, it was breathtaking.

She smiled and danced for him, ran her hands over his chest and ground her hips into him as he started singing again. She didn’t look at Roxy or Jessi, instead kept her focus on Devin, playing the concubine as the part required. She put her back to him, rubbing her ass into him and could tell within seconds exactly what he thought of the switch-up with the hired dancers. He was hard, his erection growing with every swing of her hips. His arm wrapped around her waist, his hand sliding across her bare stomach before cupping her left breast. The crowd’s screams grew louder still.

Lost in the music and the sound of Devin’s voice, Holly seduced him on stage, ran her hands under his shirt to caress his bare flesh and squatted down in front of him, burying her face into his crotch as the song reached the end. Working her way back up his body, she palmed his erection, giving it a light squeeze before leaning into him and kissing his neck.

When the song ended, the crowd was shouting, their screams deafening. Holly looked at Devin, saw the lust in his eyes and knew she’d worried about his reaction for nothing. She grabbed his head with both hands and kissed him, forcing her tongue into his mouth while the cheering fans yelled for more.

Holly broke the kiss, licked her bottom lip, and smiled. She turned to walk away and saw Roxy and Jessi still dancing. She hadn’t taken four steps when she was grabbed around the waist, turned, and hoisted over Devin’s shoulder and carried off the stage.

The band played on, the noise carrying into the wings of the stage. Devin hurried to a darkened corner, ducked behind one of the curtains and lowered her to her feet. The moment she looked up, he kissed her. Kissed her until she couldn’t breathe and had to pull away for air. His hands were everywhere, pulling the straps of her bra away, her breasts spilling from the cups. His mouth found her exposed nipples and sucked and licked at her until she was squirming, her hips grinding into his erection.

He worked his hand into the panties of her outfit, his fingers parting her folds and slipping into her damp curls. She moaned as he fingered her clit and leaned her head against the wall.

“You are a naughty girl, Holly.”

“Only for you,” she said, moaning again when he slipped two fingers inside of her. She looked up at him, watching him stare at her. That little smirk she was so used to seeing was on his face, his eyes drinking her in. Reaching for the fly of his pants, she unzipped them and pulled his cock free from the material.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Right here?” he asked, grinning.

Holly glanced at the curtain. It was the only thing hiding them from the prying eyes of anyone backstage. Getting caught in the act would be mortifying but the look on Devin’s face was enough for her to want to risk it.

She smiled and pushed his pants down over his hip. “Right here,” she said, “up against the wall where anyone can see.”

He groaned and tugged at the bottom of the outfit she was wearing. “I knew there was a reason I loved you.” He wasted no time getting rid of the panties and stuffing them in his pants pocket. He lifted her, wrapped her legs around his waist and slid inside her warmth moments later.

“Hold on,” he said, nuzzling the skin below her ear. The feel of his cock inside of her, the scent that lingered on his flesh, and the thumping bass from the music still being played on stage left her dazed. Devin’s hips rocked against her own. Hard, demanding strokes that sent jolts of pleasure zipping up her spine. His breath was hot against her skin as he fucked her in a frenzied pace. It wouldn’t take long. The thrill of getting caught and the excitement of doing something so out of character left her over-sensitized.

He lowered one hand between them, fingered her clit while staring at her and the look on his face left her breathless.

When she climaxed, her scream mingled from those in the auditorium, Devin’s grip on her tightened as he followed her to ecstasy moments later. As they stood catching their breath, Holly held him to her, peppering kisses to his neck. His skin was hot, the salty taste of his flesh under her tongue making her hungry for more. He shifted and lifted his head to look at her. The smile on his face let her know he was thinking the same thing.

She lowered her legs as he pulled from her. Holly fixed her top and watched him tuck himself back into his jeans. When he straightened and looked down at her, he smiled. “I expect to see your sexy dance on a nightly bases now.”

Holly felt heat rush up her neck and settle on her face. His laughter confirmed the fact she was blushing. “I wouldn’t call that a sexy dance.”

“Oh, I beg to differ. Just thinking about you dancing the way you did out there is making me hard.”

She glanced down and smiled. A definite bulge was growing in his pants. “You’re not mad then?”

“Mad?” He laughed again. “Hell no. Now every man in this joint knows what a saucy little minx you are.” He wrapped his arms back around her and pulled her close. “And I think its time the whole world knows you’re mine. Forever.”

Holly’s heart skipped a beat. Her throat grew tight and she found it hard to breath all of a sudden. The look on his face grew serious. Was he saying what she thought he was?

He lifted his hand, brushing a lock of her hair away from her face before smiling. “I have to go back out there.”

She swallowed the lump choking her and managed to say, “I know.”

“Stay right here. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He kissed her again before turning and slipped out from behind the curtain. Holly stared, wide-eyed at the spot he’d been standing. When the breeze skated across her thighs, she realized he still had her panties!

Walking to the edge of the curtain, she peeked around the wall, back at the stage. Devin was again in front of the crowd, the smile on his face breathtaking. The cheer from fans increased and when Devin turned, she saw why. Her panties were dangling from his finger.

The crowd was screaming for more. Devin turned to look toward where she stood before looking back at the crowd. “One more song,” he said. “I have a bare-ass naked woman waiting for me and I plan on asking her to marry me tonight. I can’t make her wait too long.” He crammed her panties back into his pocket and Holly’s knees went weak. She gripped the wall for support and stared at him, wondering if she heard him correctly or not.

When Roxy and Jessi ran for the wings, smiles on their faces and screaming her name, she knew she did. Devin wanted to marry her. She grinned as tears filled her eyes. A year had passed since she’d found herself stranded on the side of a mountain with him and she knew, life couldn’t get any better than this.

The End


Here’s the Avenged Sevenfold music video, “Scream,” that inspired this flash fiction. Enjoy!



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Wicked: Tempt Me Not – Flash Fiction
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