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The Prison Moon Series  

Welcome to Prison Moon One, where cameras follow your every move and call it entertainment for decadent viewers sector-wide. Where the innocent and guilty alike fight for survival. And where only one thing is certain.

Once here, you never get to leave.

A joint collaboration with author Alexandra Marell



About The Prison Moon Series Books 

Prison Moon One, a penal colony located in Star System Litharia, is home to the most ruthless felons in the galaxy. Run by the Corporation, the prison earns revenue by broadcasting everything that takes place to decadent viewers across the galaxy. Arena fights, staged events where the inhabitants are pitted against each other and fight to the death, are the only way to survive unless you wish to be owned by one of the many gangs the inmates have created. When the prisoners grow bored fighting amongst themselves, the Corporation gives them another incentive to persuade them to keep volunteering for the Arena fights–the chance to win and own a human female.

Books in the Prison Moon Series are stand-alone novels. They do not have to be read in any particular order. The only thing that links them is the world itself. Character cross-overs may occur from time to time.

Books by Lily Graison

Dragon Fire – RELEASING APRIL 24th!

Books by Alexandra Marell 



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