Releasing June 24, 2021


Running to escape a life of servitude may have taken her out of a bad situation but being a native woman means she can never escape the way people see her. The prejudice Morning Dove faces is a daily reminder that she doesn’t really belong with these people but one man makes her forget she’s an outsider. Looking at him, she longs for things she never thought to have and all she has to do is reach out and grab them … if she could only get over her fear of speaking to him.

Ben Atwater has more problems than any one man should and most of them he brought on by himself. The only bright spot in his life is a pretty native girl who will barely look at him. Morning Dove is an enigma he wants to explore but his past has tainted his future. Will a woman like her want a man as miserable as him? And if so, can he keep her once he has her in his arms?

Releasing November 12, 2021



Temperance – Angel Creek Christmas Brides Book 22


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