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Warlord’s Mate

Being stranded on a prison moon with ruthless aliens is the least of Marcy Duncan’s problems. She’s now the property of one of the most vicious warlords on the entire planet and being owned by a warlord everyone fears has its own set of problems, falling for the guy being one of them. He has enemies too numerous to count and now they’re coming after her.

Jorrick doesn’t have time for soft feelings, especially for a weak human, but being in her presence makes him long for things he didn’t think he wanted. When his actions place Marcy in danger he has to decide what he wants more, revenge or the love of a woman he’s not sure he can trust. Desire made him want to try but you needed a heart to love and that was something he no longer possessed.

Release Date: Spring/Summer 2019 




Silver Falls #2
Historical Western Romance

Graham Hart and Rose Campbell’s Book


Release Date: 2019







Other Books I’ll Be Working On


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Ben Atwater’s (and Morning Dove’s) story (Book #9)  (on schedule for 2019 release)

Sophie Ann Hilam (Book #10) 

Miranda Talbert short story 

Hugh Jacobs short story 


Silver Falls Books

Violet Campbell’s story (Book #3)

Daisy Campbell’s story (Book #4)








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