Friday First Kiss #119 :: Abby and Joshua, Down to the River, Book 3 by Sheila Hollinghead (Historical Western Romance)

Friday First Kiss

The moment I crack open a new book, I always rush through the beginning, the budding relationship between the hero and heroine, and anticipate that spontaneous moment when one of them makes their move. The First Kiss. The first turning point in every story.

Every week here on the blog, I’ll be sharing First Kisses from my books and those of other authors.


This week’s Friday First Kiss comes from,

Abby and Joshua, Down to the River, Book 3 by Sheila Hollinghead

Abby pulled out the money she kept in a drawstring purse. “Now, how much do I owe you?”

“I ain’t taking a dime from you. I plan to marry you.”

She held up a hand to stop him from moving nearer. “Joshua, you’re young. There are plenty of young ladies who’d be proud to marry you. Miss Williams …”

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” He stopped, his arms by his side.

His face looked so forlorn that a physical pain shot through her, but she steeled herself. “My husband was killed. Even though I was wronged, scandal will trail me the rest of my life. You don’t want to be part of that.”

“I’m sorry, Abby. I know it ain’t the proper time to talk of marriage.” His eyes searched hers and she had to look down for a moment to regain her composure.

When she raised her eyes to his, he had moved closer. She sighed. “I’m about to have a baby. Do you really want to take on the job of raising another man’s child? Raising a child is not easy.”

He knelt beside her, his hand on her arm, his mouth close to her ear. “Marriage doesn’t mean easy. It means to stay steady and true, no matter what comes.”

She cleared her throat and tried again. “Find a nice girl your age, like Miss Williams.”

“I don’t care about Miss Williams …” He leaned closer. “I only care about you.”

His voice mesmerized her, and she didn’t protest when he cupped her face in his hands. His lips brushed hers, softly and gently.

Sensations swept over her, new and frightening, and yet as if she discovered something already known. She leaned toward him, and his hands slid down her arms.

She broke free and laughed shakily, but his lips immediately returned to cover hers with a warmth and strength she needed, that she had always needed.

The door swung open and Mrs. Franklin stared, her mouth agape. Joshua jumped to his feet.

“Do you want me to come back later?” Mrs. Franklin asked.

The heat rose to Abby’s cheeks. “No. We were just talking. Please come in.”





Abby and Joshua, Down to the River, Book 3 by Sheila Hollinghead

Sometimes the force of a tornado pulls us from the mire, but other times the soft breath of a cowboy is all that is required.

A good-looking, young cowboy keeps showing up at Abby Harrington’s door … even at the most inopportune times.

Abby is older than he is, not to mention heavily pregnant and with a brood of children. Besides, she is still legally married and distrustful of men.

Will Abby find the strength to love again?

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About Sheila Hollinghead

At the age of ten, Sheila Hollinghead discovered a treasure trove of books hiding in the furnace room of her family’s new house. These books, westerns, mysteries, fantasy, and the classics, opened her mind to the power of story.

Being the daughter of a soldier, she has lived many places, none home until she returned to south Alabama. She lives with her husband, three dogs, and two cats near the farms where her ancestors lived and loved.


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