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Friday First Kiss

The moment I crack open a new book, I always rush through the beginning, the budding relationship between the hero and heroine, and anticipate that spontaneous moment when one of them makes their move. The First Kiss. The first turning point in every story.

Every week here on the blog, I’ll be sharing First Kisses from my books and those of other authors.


This weeks Friday First Kiss comes from, Destined Hearts by Lily Graison

Caitlyn sipped at the wine William had poured for her and glanced at the pond. A family of ducks splashed off the shore. Their joyful squawks mingled with the birds singing in the trees. The entire area was in a word…breathtaking.

Hearing the familiar tune of one of her favorite bands, she turned her head to look back at William.

“You can never go wrong with these guys,” William said, pulling his head from the car window and straightening.

Caitlyn grinned at the look on his face when he walked back to where she sat. He extended his arm to her and she sat her glass down before reaching up for his outstretched hand.

She stood, the butterflies in her stomach she’d won control over once again taking flight. She didn’t understand why William made her feel like a teenage girl with just a glance. She looked at him and felt almost juvenile.

The music coming from his car radio sounded like a soft hum in the background. Caitlyn took a step toward him, raising her free hand and placing it on his shoulder. He pulled her to him, tucking their joined hands in to his chest. The moment his other arm wrapped around her waist, a sense of familiarity overwhelmed her.

She had been here before, in his arms. Her dreams were now real.

Caitlyn inhaled, taking in his scent. Rich spices and soap overwhelmed her senses. Their bodies were close, almost touching, and the heat scorched her through her clothes. The music drifted over the area like a soft breeze and she smiled as they swayed to the music.

William’s breath rustled the hair by her ear, the warmth spreading through her body and wrapping around her like a glove. His fingers on her lower back ghosted across the thin fabric of her dress and he tightened his hold on her, pulling her flush against him.

She didn’t ever want to leave his arms.

“You’re trembling,” William whispered.

Caitlyn raised her head. The intense look in his eyes that she’d seen many times in her dreams caused her pulse to quicken. “I know,” she said.

William stared at her before a slow smile curved his lips. “You’re going to do wonder’s for my ego if a simple dance gets this sort of reaction from you.”

She laughed, ducking her head. “You make me nervous. The trembling is involuntary.”

“And why do I make you so nervous?”

“You just do,” she answered, not wanting to tell him the real reason. He’d think her crazy if she told him she dreamed of him.

“Well, I suppose kissing you is out of the question then?”

His voice was deep and sensual and caressed her flesh like soft velvet. Caitlyn looked back up at him. There was a subtle seductiveness in his gaze and the tremble in her limbs increased. His hand on her back lifted to her face, pushing stray tendrils of hair from her eyes before his fingers warmed the skin of her cheek.

Caitlyn waited for the kiss she knew was coming. She saw it in his eyes seconds before he lowered his head.

His lips brushed her mouth like a silken whisper, caressing it more than kissing. Soft gentle strokes, the warmth of his breath teasing her lips apart. The moist sweep of his tongue darting inside to explore the contours of her mouth caused her body to slack against him.

Images of them together filled her mind. A small glimpse…portraits from the past she’d seen in dreams but felt as real as this moment did.

Her stomach flipped; the butterflies dancing in erratic patterns stealing her breath before the contact was gone. She stood there, trying to fill her lungs of stolen air and opened her eyes.

William was staring at her. His breath hot against her moist lips, his fingers running through her hair and Caitlyn could only gaze up at him.

The kiss, although barely there, had left her breathless. It lasted seconds but a lifetime of memories flooded her body. She knew this man. There was no doubt now. She knew his body, his kisses, how his voice sounded as he made love to her and the trembles present before the kiss were now causing her knees to shake.

“I think I made it worse,” William chuckled.

“I think so.” They shared a laugh, Caitlyn burying her head in his chest. His arm once again moved to her back, the gentle caress of his fingers soothing and welcomed.


Destined Hearts by Lily GraisonDestined Hearts by Lily Graison

A love that transcends time. A Passion that couldn’t be denied.

Caitlyn Edwards has always lived her life between two worlds. One…in the hustle and bustle of modern day Boston, where she spends her days taking care of her widowed father and helping him run their small auto repair shop. The other…in the arms of a man she only sees in her dreams. Her nights are filled with promises of a love so passionate, she’s spent the last fifteen years trying to find out who he is.

William Davenport is a man torn between duty and what he wants. He’s led a life only the privileged and very rich can afford, but his controlling father still feels the need to dictate his every move. A chance encounter with Caitlyn triggers dreams of a life he can’t remember living and soon a woman he can’t seem to forget, starts to invade his every day world.

Will Caitlyn and William discover their past in time to change their future? Will the mistakes of years gone by repeat themselves? Or will a love once denied be reunited?


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About Lily Graison

Author Lily Graison - Western, Contemporary & Paranormal Romance Lily Graison lives in the foothills of North Carolina with her husband, two high-strung Yorkies, more cats than she can count and the neighbors chicken who thinks he’s part of her family. First published in 2005, she is the author of over a dozen published books in the Western, Contemporary and Paranormal Romance genres.

When not writing, Lily can be found at her sewing machine creating 1800’s period clothing or participating in civil war reenactments and area living history events. When not portraying a southern belle, you can find her at a nearby store feeding her obsession for all things resembling office supplies.

To see the dresses Lily has created, visit her Pinterest page.

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About Lily Graison

Lily Graison is a USA TODAY bestselling author of historical western romances. Her Willow Creek Series introduced readers to a small Montana town where the west is wild and the cowboys are wilder. Lily also dabbles in sci-fi, contemporary and paranormal romance when the mood strikes and all of her stories lean heavily to the spicy side with strong female leads and heroes who tend to always get what they want. She writes full time and lives in Hickory, NC with her husband and a house full of Yorkies.

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