Looking For A Weekend Read? .99¢ Specials!

This weekend, for Moms special day, spend it with the American Mail-Order Brides! Select books in the 50-book series are .99¢ this weekend and nearly all the books are available in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Take a look below at the books up for grabs at a special Mother’s Day Weekend price.


Anna: Bride of Alabama – Book #22 by Lily Graison

Amazon.com/Anna of Alabama



  Alice: Bride of Rhode Island Book 13 by Kristy McCaffrey

Amazon.com/Alice of Rhode Island



Madeline: Bride of Nebraska – Book 37 by Mia Blackwood

Amazon.com/Madeline of Nebraska



Laurel: Bride of Arkansas – Book 25 by Carra Copelin

Amazon.com/Laurel of Arkansas



Constance: Bride of Florida -Book 27 by Patricia PacJac Carroll

Amazon.com/Constance of Florida



India: Bride of Indiana -Book 19 by Ashley Merrick

Amazon.com/India of Indiana



Beth: Bride of Massachusetts – Book 6 by Ashley Merrick

Amazon.com/Beth of Massachusetts



Lilly: Bride of Illinois – Book 21 by Linda Hubalek

Amazon.com/Lilly of Illinois



Emma: Bride of Kentucky – Book 15 by Peggy L. Henderson

Amazon.com/Emma of Kentucky



Gillian: Bride of Maine – Book 23 by Kirsten Lynn

Amazon.com/Gillian of Maine



Edwina: Bride of Connecticut -Book 5 by Margaret Tanner

Amazon.com/Edwina of Connecticut



Hannah: Bride of Iowa – Book 29 by Penny Estelle

Amazon.com/Hannah of Iowa



Lottie: Bride of Delaware – Book 1 by Kit Morgan

Amazon.com/Lottie of Delaware



Leora: Bride of California – Book 31 by Kit Morgan

Amazon.com/Leora of California



Tabitha: Bride of Missouri – Book 24 by Amelia C. Adams

Amazon.com/Tabitha of Missouri



Hope: Bride of New Jersey – Book 3 by Amelia C. Adams

Amazon.com/Hope of New Jersey



Roberta: Bride of Wisconsin – Book 30 by Kirsten Osbourne

Amazon.com/Roberta of Wisconsin



Rachel: Bride of New Hampshire – Book 9 by Diane Darcy

Amazon.com/Rachel of New Hampshire



Violet: Bride of North Dakota – Book 39 by Heather Horrocks

Amazon.com/Violet of North Dakota



Josephine: Bride of Louisiana – Book 18 by Cindy Caldwell

Amazon.com/Josephine of Louisiana



Michelle: Bride of Mississippi – Book 20 by Cindy Caldwell

Amazon.com/Michelle of Mississippi



Trinity: Bride of West Virginia – Book 35 by Carré White

Amazon.com/Trinity of West Virginia



Mercy: Bride of Idaho – Book 43 by Jacquie Rogers

Amazon.com/Mercy of Idaho



Adelaide: Bride of Maryland – Book 7 by Ciara Knight

Amazon.com/Adalaide of Maryland



Sarah: Bride of Minnesota – Book 32 by Katie Crabapple

Amazon.com/Sarah of Minnesota



Judith: Bride of Wyoming – Book 44 by Hildie McQueen

Amazon.com/Judith of Wyoming



Patience: Bride Of Washington – Book 42 by Caroline Clemmons

Amazon.com/Patience of Washington



Chevonne: Bride Of Oklahoma – Book 46 by Leighann Dobbs

Amazon.com/Chevonne of Oklahoma



Darby: Bride of Oregon – Book 33 by Bella Bowen

Amazon.com/Darby of Oregon



Find all the American Mail Order Brides on the Offical Website.

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About Lily Graison

Lily Graison is a USA TODAY bestselling author of historical western romances. Her Willow Creek Series introduced readers to a small Montana town where the west is wild and the cowboys are wilder. Lily also dabbles in sci-fi, contemporary and paranormal romance when the mood strikes and all of her stories lean heavily to the spicy side with strong female leads and heroes who tend to always get what they want. She writes full time and lives in Hickory, NC with her husband and a house full of Yorkies.

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  1. Thanks for including my story Edwina of Connecticut.

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