Thoughts and Stuff

Is it just me, or is Blogger being a total poop today? I can’t get any pages to load fully and its just being – wonky. Anyway, I think I have my comments glitch fixed! Or – at least I got a whole batch of emails forwarded to me all at once. lol I take that as a good sign. Thanks to Caz, the templete maker, for the help. I’ve not written anything. And I HOPE Meg isn’t monitoring my blog. She’ll have me whipped for sure. lol I’ve just been so busy this week and when I do have … Continue reading

Outlines and writing

I’m using an outline for the first time in – 3 years. I’ve never written one. I’ve never had the need for one. I’m the kind of writer who just sits down and does it. I write until I hit a snag – think on it for a few days and keep going. But now – with this new story, I’m finding it almost impossible to write it. There are so many little things that need more indept thought. So many characters keep coming into play. So many little plot points that if I don’t write them down, the story … Continue reading

Adult, ADD

I’m beginning to seriously think I have this. My son (age 16) had it, my dad, although never diagnoised HAD to have it. One look at him and you’d know, so I’ve been thinking, maybe this is also my problem. I can’t stay on ONE task for more than 15 minutes. Sure, I always go back to it, but I can’t seem to stay focused. I’ve been negelecting my writing lately and finally decided I needed a daily goal. So, I made one. 1,500 words a day. Surely I can do that, right? I mean, I don’t work outside the … Continue reading

Fat and Sassy

Don’t you just LOVE Thanksgiving? All that food, endless desserts and the left-overs! Yummy!Of course, if I have to eat another turkey sandwich, I’ll probably heave. LOL There’s only so many days you can eat it without needing a little change. We had a very nice gathering here. My family came over Thursday for our yearly feast. Mom cooked way to much, as usual, but I wasn’t complaining! I could eat potato salad every day and never grow tired of it. We invited our friends over for Friday evening dinner. Not everyone showed up, sadly, but it was still a … Continue reading

Must. Have. Sleep.

Ahh…Thanksgiving Holiday! The turkey is thawing, most of the ingredients are gathered, the kids are out of school, and guess who gets stuck baby-sitting? That’s right – ME! The joy of having a 6 year old with nothing to do. My niece, Peyton, is here for the day. I love her dearly, but lord help me she drives me batshit crazy! The child does NOT know how to be quiet. She has done nothing since she walked in the door but ask me questions. Now, I’m not a morning person – At. All. I stay up late writing most nights. … Continue reading

The Bug is back!

The writing bug, that is! Let’s hope he doesn’t slither off any time soon. Managed to write 2,000 words today. Yes, I know it isn’t a massive amount but with the big nothing I’ve written the past couple of weeks, I’m thrilled. I actually moved the story along! My brain shut down about twenty minutes ago, hence me posting here, but I’ll open it back up tomorrow and see what happens. I have a short story I’m working on too. I’m actually thinking of putting it up as a free read. Those are always fun. Not sure how ‘erotic’ to … Continue reading

Playing Catch Up

I hadn’t realized it had been since October since I’d posted. Things have been – crazy here. The normal writier’s block followed by a lazy streak then my husband diagnoised with Type 2 Diabetes. Its a non-ending cycle seems like. But, I have been writing today! It’s not much but after the last couple weeks, I’ll take a couple hundreds words. Its better than the big fat nothing I have been doing. I’ve also been thinking about titles. I hate naming books. To me, its the hardest part. One of my current works in progress has been named for a … Continue reading

On the Positive Side

I’ve had a few ‘personal’ blows in th past few days. My muse isn’t playing nice – again – and I’m doubting my talent, something I do constantly, so I thought a little ‘pick-me-up’ post was needed. The sales of ‘A Touch of Heaven’ were much better than I thought. Apparently the book was only available for 16 days of the ‘quarter’ – so I’m very pleased with the numbers, especially seeing how everyone is saying the 3rd quarter was a ‘slow’ time. I really didn’t expect to sell but a handful of books, if even that, so the numbers … Continue reading

Another Review

I was browsing review sites an ran across another review for ‘A Touch of Heaven’. A Touch Of Heaven Author: Lily GraisonPublisher: Linden Bay RomanceRelease Date: September 2005Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5Format: EBOOK Paige Foster has always been a follower, doing and thinking exactly what her friends thought she should. Paige knew most of her friends were self centered snobs and even cruel at times but Paige just couldn’t bring herself to go against them. The biggest regret Paige has was the way they all treated Colin Gregory. Colin was the school nerd and he had been in love with Paige … Continue reading

LBR Yahoo Group Invite

Hello! You are cordially invited to join Linden Bay Romance’s Yahoo group, opening on October 15th at 9:00 a.m. PST! LBR will be starting things off right as you can see! ——– Set sail with Linden Bay Romance as we launch the group with a BIG party on October 15th 9:00 a.m. to noon PST. There are prizes to be had, authors and staff to meet and celebrate with…and a special goodie bag to the first 18 people to sign into the chat room (which you can find on the LBR home page-! That’s rignt, this party is so … Continue reading