Attack of the evil plot bunny…..

Why is it little story ideas pop up right when you’re knee deep in a story? It doesn’t happen to me ALL the time, but today…it got it – TWICE. I now have two NEW story plots just sitting here waiting to be written. And in trying to decide what to do with them, I got the wild hair in thinking – Hey! Anthology. (rolls eyes) I need another story to write like I need … Continue reading

New Contest

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and in honor of this special day, I’m giving away TWO gift packs loaded with goodies. All you have to do to enter, is be a member of my newsletter. The drawing will be held February 14th, and two lucky winners will be announced on the list. All members’ names will be placed into a ‘hat’ and drawn at random. Visit the link below to join the list, check out … Continue reading

New Look – Again!

I’ve been playing with the blog again. I wanted it to match my sites layout as much as it could, and I think I’ve managed to get it pretty close. I’ve been writing today. Well, when I wasn’t playing with this thing, that is. The weekends are hectic here and not much writing is ever done Friday OR Saturday so the fact that I actually had time to open Word and write what I did … Continue reading

For the love of a muse

I’ve been writing for several years now and the term ‘muse’ has always tickled me. What is it exactly? What is its purpose? Well, for those of you who don’t know – its that little voice in the back of your head that tells you what, when, where and how you’ll write. In other words, your subconscious….or thats MY take on it. My muse is–well, differnet. Its a HE for one. I gave him a … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I’m late. *sigh* I decided to take a little holiday, over the holidays, from writing, blogging and general net life and I do believe it did me some good. Since ‘coming back’ I’ve redesigned my website, made some progress on my outlines for CK and finished up the short story I had originally intended to submit to Linden Bay for their Winter Anthology, but never did. I honestly didn’t think it was … Continue reading

Thoughts and Stuff

Is it just me, or is Blogger being a total poop today? I can’t get any pages to load fully and its just being – wonky. Anyway, I think I have my comments glitch fixed! Or – at least I got a whole batch of emails forwarded to me all at once. lol I take that as a good sign. Thanks to Caz, the templete maker, for the help. I’ve not written anything. And I … Continue reading

Outlines and writing

I’m using an outline for the first time in – 3 years. I’ve never written one. I’ve never had the need for one. I’m the kind of writer who just sits down and does it. I write until I hit a snag – think on it for a few days and keep going. But now – with this new story, I’m finding it almost impossible to write it. There are so many little things that … Continue reading

Adult, ADD

I’m beginning to seriously think I have this. My son (age 16) had it, my dad, although never diagnoised HAD to have it. One look at him and you’d know, so I’ve been thinking, maybe this is also my problem. I can’t stay on ONE task for more than 15 minutes. Sure, I always go back to it, but I can’t seem to stay focused. I’ve been negelecting my writing lately and finally decided I … Continue reading

Fat and Sassy

Don’t you just LOVE Thanksgiving? All that food, endless desserts and the left-overs! Yummy!Of course, if I have to eat another turkey sandwich, I’ll probably heave. LOL There’s only so many days you can eat it without needing a little change. We had a very nice gathering here. My family came over Thursday for our yearly feast. Mom cooked way to much, as usual, but I wasn’t complaining! I could eat potato salad every day … Continue reading