Sexual Equality? Never!

I’ve been chatting with another author about the differences between men and women when it comes to their sex life. A man, who has a sexual appetite to make even the most adventurous beg for a night of peace is hailed as a stud, the virtual ‘Playboy’ while a woman with the same desires is nothing but a slut, for lack of a better word. Also, an older man can bed a twenty-year-old and no … Continue reading

The Impossible Plot? Not Really.

I was over at another Blog reading one of their posts and saw a mention of romance novel plots that seem ‘far fetched’. This particular one being, the heroine, who ‘falls’ for the hero when she’s 12 and crushes on him until she’s an adult and is STILL in love with him even then. Then of course, they hook up and live happily ever after. I found it amusing that people don’t think this can … Continue reading

New Release – Blame It On The Mistletoe!

Out Now! New contemporary romance ebook by Lily Graison… Blame It On The MistletoeWhen Macy Carter’s parents order her to bring her live-in boyfriend Sean home with her for Christmas she has no idea that her little white lie is just about to snowball into a fabrication of monstrous proportions. Sean isn’t her boyfriend, he’s her boss. Now she has to reveal the lie she’s been telling her family for the past two years or … Continue reading

Contest and New Story!

First, we have a new Contest running over at LilyGraison.Com I’m giving away my entire back list so, 6 lucky winners will be announced December 31st. Fill out the form on the contest page to enter. Next, I have a brand new story coming out THIS Sunday, December 6th! It’s a fast-paced story that will put a little Christmas cheer into your holiday. Blame It On The Mistletoe When Macy Carter’s parents order her to … Continue reading

A Time for Thanks!

With Thanksgiving only a day away, I wanted to Thank everyone who has supported me this past year. Hearing from readers that they enjoyed my books makes my muse a very happy thing. It spurs the creative juices and makes me count my blessings. If I haven’t talked to you personally, then let me say, Thank You for buying my books. You make my ‘job’ a pleasure instead of a chore! Keep safe if you’re … Continue reading

New Review for Wicked: Jade Butterfly

Coffee Time Romance gives Wicked: Jade Butterfly 5 Cups!!! The author exposes the softer side of rock stars. A love story which shows just how human they can be and that not all of them are wild. This is an excellent read and by page 58 I was already searching the internet for the first two books in the Wicked series. A wonderful read that has gained an avid fan…Delane, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance … Continue reading


I just finished the 2nd round of edits on Wicked 4. I have exactly 4 weeks to get this polished up and sent off to the publisher and with my vacation coming up right in the middle of that (I’ll be gone for an entire week) I’m already getting nervous! I loathe edits like hot pokers to the skull. They’re tedious and not in any way as fun as actually writing. Someone asked me what … Continue reading

Another one down…

The shifter novel is finished. Well, first draft is finished, I should say. My three-headed monster of a plot had to go, though. It was dragging the story down a bit and I’m not one to clutter in pages and pages of stuff just to make a bigger book. That’s what sequel’s are for! LOL Which is what I’m doing. I have 2 planned already but I know there will be more. I have too … Continue reading