Angel Creek Christmas Brides are .99¢ this week!

We’re less than a week away from the first release of our 2019 Christmas Brides! Have you read last year’s books? They’re all on special this week. You can pick them up for .99¢ all the way through Thursday in preparation for Friday’s release of book 6, Caroline.” Pick up all the brides at the links below! 2018 Christmas Brides Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5   2019 Christmas Brides Book 6 11/1 Book 7 11/8 Book 8 11/14 Book 9 11/22 Book 10 11/29 Book 11 12/6

Brand New Story – Cover Reveal!

The readers on my VIP Reader Group over on Facebook have been hearing me go on and on about a ‘secret story’ for a while now and I finally revealed to them what it was last week. Besides the Christmas book, CAROLINE: ANGEL CREEK CHRISTMAS BRIDE I had been writing, I was also working on a Willow Creek Christmas novella, titled THE ANGEL TREE. This is a stand-alone book that doesn’t have to be read in any particular order, not do you even have to be familiar with Willow Creek to enjoy it. So…keep reading to find out what this book is all about and see the pretty new cover! _________________________________   When you wish upon a Christmas angel, all your dreams come true.  Or so Miranda Talbert’s grandmother used to tell her. But growing into the role of Willow Creek’s resident spinster proved that it takes more than little girl wishes to make dreams come true. Sometimes it takes a bit Christmas magic and for fate to step in and give us exactly what we want in ways we least expect it.     Miranda Talbert first appeared in Book 1 of the series. She had a very small … Continue reading

There Are Brand New Brides Headed To Angel Creek!

  Angel Creek Montana was introduced to you last year in the Angel Creek Christmas Brides Series I co-wrote with several authors. We’re back this year with even more! My book, Caroline, is the first to be released. Read more about it, including the entire first chapter, then click on the link to pre-order your copy for automatic download on November 1st!   Caroline: Angel Creek Christmas Bride Book 6  (Sweet Historical Romance) She’s a woman who dreams of hearth and home… He’s a man with dreams as big as the Montana sky… Together they could make those dreams come true…if she wasn’t promised to another. Caroline Bishop leaves war-ravaged Charleston behind to be a mail-order bride for a man she’s never met. Meeting handsome Adam Larsen, a man who makes her pulse race with a single glance, along the way seems like a cruel twist of fate, especially when she learns he lives in the same small town she’s headed to. But fate isn’t through with them yet. When circumstances beyond her control once again leave her afloat, she’s convinced destiny put her in Adam’s path so why hasn’t he asked for her hand in marriage? And why does … Continue reading

New Release & a Freebie! Grab it while you can.

Aliens are real. So are Prison Planets. Marcy Duncan finds out the hard way when she’s abducted and dumped on one and told to run or die trying because the inhabitants of Prison Moon One only want one thing–her. Captured and sent to the Arena, she soon becomes the property of a barbarian warlord everyone fears. He’s a golden-skinned devil wrapped in such a tempting package, her traitorous heart won’t look the other way, a move that might just get her killed when she realizes she’s just a pawn in a game with no winners. A game where she’s the bait. Get your copy exclusively on     Get Your Free Copy If you’re new to Sci-Fi romance and want to give it a try before you buy….my first book in this series is FREE at the moment! Grab your copy of Prison Moon: Dragon Fire at Amazon.   

The 130th (Old) Soldiers Reunion in Newton, NC

    In the town I grew up in, there is a yearly event that everyone looks forward to and this week marks the 130th Soldiers Reunion Week. The Soldiers Reunion is (credited as) the longest-running patriotic celebration in the United States not based on an official holiday. The tradition began in the county seat town (Newton, NC in Catawba County) on July 4, 1889, when Civil War veterans answered a statewide call for recognition of their wartime service and to register for pensions. The gathering, then on Court Square, led to annual veterans’ reunions, starting the popular patriotic event then called Old Soldiers Reunion. The Catawba County Museum of History – which is located in the downtown 1924 courthouse – displays a patriotic exhibit of historic military displays all week and is free to the public. Events around town include a Classic Car Show on Courthouse Square on Sunday, outdoor concerts with street dances on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, a ‘patriotic’ baby parade, and a “Pet Mania” dog show. Then on Thursday, Reunion Day, downtown surrounding the 1924 circa courthouse, craft vendors, artists, craftsmen, and food trucks line up around the square. A memorial service is held at 10 … Continue reading

New Release in The Willow Creek Series!

You’ve asked for it….and here it is!  Three full-length novels in one great collection!! The Willow Creek Series has a brand new collection. For those of you who like your books in boxsets, I’ve bundled books 5, 6 & 7 in the series to go along with the first boxset, The Avery’s of Willow Creek.  This Boxset Collection contains book 5, 6 & 7 in The Willow Creek Series. These books have been previously published individually and can be bought separately. There is no new content in this set.  His Brother’s Wife (Book 5) When Grace Kingston accepts a wedding proposal through a mail-order bride agency and travels across country to be married, she has no idea her bridegroom is a fourteen-year-old boy. But things go from bad to worse when she meets Jesse’s older brother, Rafe. The attraction is immediate. He’s surly, rude and downright pig-headed but he makes her pulse race with a single glance. Jesse still thinks marriage is in the cards, and Rafe is a devilishly handsome distraction she doesn’t need. She can’t decide if he hates her or wants to kiss her. And how does she avoid breaking Jess’s heart when it becomes clear that … Continue reading

Cover Reveal & Teaser: Warlord’s Mate

It feels as if I’ve been working on this story forever but it’s finally finished and is as epic as I envisioned it to be. Jorrick, my barbarian warlord, is the most alpha male I’ve ever written and I can not wait for you to meet him!  I’ve been sitting on this cover for a long while. Those on my Reader Group have seen it and were told to keep it under wraps for the time being but here it is! I love this one. It might be due to the long-haired hunk on the cover but I think its stunning. This story will release on September 6th, 2019 and is available for pre-order but first….scroll down a bit to read the entire first chapter. (For those who don’t like the sexy bits….this story is not for you! I wouldn’t even read to the end of this excerpt if I were you. 😉 )   Aliens are real. So are Prison Planets. Marcy Duncan finds out the hard way when she’s abducted and dumped on one and told to run or die trying because the inhabitants of Prison Moon One only want one thing–her. Captured and sent to the Arena, … Continue reading