We’re Building The Perfect Cowboy!

  If you’re not a member of my Reader Group, then you’ll want to head over and join right now because we’re building the perfect cowboy!  For Valentine’s Day, we’re creating the perfect cowboy. Between February 1st and the 13th, were asking random poll questions over on my reader group for you to choose your favorite attributes for our perfect cowboy…eye color, height, personality, profession, etc…and once all the choices have been entered and tallied, we’ll introduce him to you on Valentine’s Day. The best part? … Keep Reading!

Reader Group Q&A

For National Authors Day, my VA set up a Q&A with readers and today was when I was going to do this big video and answer all the questions. Two problems with this scenario. National Authors Day was November 1…NOT November 11 (we’re 11 days too late) I should have known my anxiety would get the best of me and I’d not be able to pull the video thing off. So…here we are. On the blog … Keep Reading!

Introducing L. R. Graison

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ve probably seen some of my books disappearing from retail sites. The reason for this was…I just didn’t think those werewolves and rock stars sit well next to my cowboys. The books were all older and they looked out of place so…I removed them, which I really hated to do because I Love Those books! They might have been written years ago but saying goodbye to them hurt my … Keep Reading!

Escape To Silver Falls!

  A Soft Kiss in Spring releases next week and I want everyone to read it! To get you started, I’ve reduced the price of book 1, A Soft Kiss in Winter to .99¢ for a limited time. Hurry and get your copy now! To get you started, here’s a sneak peak at the first chapter!     A Soft Kiss in Winter Chapter One One heard a variety of noises echoing through the trees … Keep Reading!

Get A Soft Kiss In Spring Now!

Releasing June 19th, 2020 Rose Campbell is happy being the town spinster, so when her grandfather sends off for not one, but four mail order grooms, she’s forced to turn to the man she loves to hate in order to get rid of them. Graham Hart has spent years in a verbal battle with Rose so when she asks for his help, he jumps at the chance to finally get the upper hand. But one … Keep Reading!

A Soft Kiss in Winter is Now Availabe At All eBook Retailers!

One of the requirments for putting a book into Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program is it has to stay for  90 days. Once its up, you can pull it out but….you have to remember to ‘un-tick’ the box saying ‘stay in Kindle Unlimited’ or…it rolls over and it stuck for another 90 days. You have no idea how many times I kept forgetting to do that! The book is now wide for those of you who … Keep Reading!