New Release!

  My Night Breeds Duet had a makeover!   These were originally published by Alinar Publishing and later self-published but they didn’t mesh well with my Historical Westerns brand so they were removed from all sales outlets. Well, they’ve been given new life under my L. R. Graison pen name and are once again available. Go grab them now for a weekend binge-read.

Introducing L. R. Graison

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ve probably seen some of my books disappearing from retail sites. The reason for this was…I just didn’t think those werewolves and rock stars sit well next to my cowboys. The books were all older and they looked out of place so…I removed them, which I really hated to do because I Love Those books! They might have been written years ago but saying goodbye to them hurt my heart. When I wrote the new SciFi Romances, I noticed the same thing…they just didn’t look right sitting next to my cowboys but I wasn’t ready to pull the plug on those. They were still ‘new’ enough taking them down seemed foolish so I did the next best thing. I created a new Pen Name. L. R. Graison will be the name I use to release any future ‘non cowboy’ books. The Prison Moon sci-fi romance books have been moved (the name change already appears on these books and are available on the L. R. Graison Amazon page) and in 2021, I will be rebranding and re-releasing my Night Breeds paranormal romance series (which I really hope to get back to one day. Sabriel is screaming for his story!) and the Wicked Series, my contemporary rock star romances. I’ve set up a new Newsletter list for L. R. Graison books. I know I have a few ‘sci-fi’ readers who may not care about the cowboy books and I’m sure there are Willow Creek fans who would rather not hear about my alien warlords and the dragon shifters on Prison Moon One so now, you can chose which Newsletter list to be on. If you subscribe to my Newsletter and like the ‘Lily’ historicals, then you don’t have to do anything at all. You’ll still receive … Keep Reading!