New Release!!

Out Now! New contemporary romance ebook by Lily Graison… Wicked: Jade ButterflyChristian Palmer, bass player for the band Wicked, isn’t your typical rocker. Much to his band mate’s amusement, he’s quiet, shy and looks like your average boy next door–but that’s all about to change. An encounter with a girl he can’t seem to forget calls for drastic measures and with the help of his friends, Christian goes from dud to stud in hopes to wow the girl of his dreams. Jessi McClure has led a fairytale life. She has a job she loves, friends she can count on and couldn’t want for anything else. Until she meets, and photographs, an unlikely rock star. Running into him again was just dumb luck, but when their paths keep crossing, she can’t help but notice the change this shy, gorgeous guy has taken on and is drawn to him even more. When … Continue reading

Promo: The Wicked Series

One day remaining to catch up with the Wicked Series before Book 3, Christian’s story, hits the virtual bookshelves! Fictionwise.Com is still running their special so grab the first 2 books in this series at a 25% discount! The contest for your chance to win a FREE copy of Christian’s story, Wicked: Jade Butterfly ends tomorrow so don’t forget to enter! Just tell me what you would do with a million dollars if you won the lottery and post your answers here on the group. I’ll pick a winner at random tomorrow!!———————————————————————————– The four men who make up the rock band, Wicked, the hottest act to hit the scene in years, have earned their wicked status without much help. They’re bad, sinfully delicious, and a temptation to every woman they meet. Gearing up for a worldwide tour, the guys are about to come face to face with the only women … Continue reading

A Bit of Fun…

Watching the local news broadcast tonight, they did a segment on outdated laws here in North Carolina and I couldn’t leave it at that! I looked them up online and found tons of old laws still on the books for every state. I spent an hour going through them all and thought I’d share a few with you. Outdated Laws in North Carolina:– It’s against the law to sing off key.– Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields.– While having sex, you must stay in the missionary position and have the shades pulled.– If a man and a woman who aren’t married go to a hotel/motel and register themselves as married then, according to state law, they are legally married. In South Carolina:– By law, if a man promises to marry an unmarried woman, the marriage must take place.– No work may be done on Sunday.– An exception … Continue reading

eBook Piracy

I was just looking at my websites stats and was surprised to see how many people have been googling me. Its not that I was googled that caused the shock, its what the key words were: lily graison stories for free…wicked series free…tempt me not free…the list goes on. I find it odd that people would want something that costs so little for free. The Wicked series books cost $2.99 each. That’s less than what it costs you to eat lunch at McDonalds. The long-standing debate of eBook piracy will likely never come to an end and I, like many authors, have no solution for the problem. I’m sure I don’t need to explain what I’m talking about but in case someone out there doesn’t know, I’ll spell it out for you. If you take an ebook, one you’ve purchased or received from a friend, and redistribute that book to … Continue reading

Taking the good with the bad…

I love summer time in the south. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh-cut grass, barbeque grills filling the air with the scent of charcoal and burgers, the sun shining brightly while lounging in the pool and the nights, when the sun goes down and the tree frogs start singing and the lightening bugs spark the yard with a mini-light show. If I could have one wish, it would be to have summer all year long. That is until a summer storm rolls through. Especially if it’s like the one we had last night. I hadn’t even noticed it was raining last night until a huge boom of thunder shook the house and a flash of light so bright it lit up my living room, nearly caused me to pee my pants. When I looked up, I saw fireworks outside my window. Lightening had struck a power-pole in front … Continue reading