Coming up for air…

This has been my first week of Christmas vacation (I have 3 weeks total) and I’ve been plotting and writing like a fiend. I managed to get 62 pages written on a new story and pages upon pages of notes/outlines and then – I hit a roadblock. A major one. The story stalled 2 days ago and I’ve been struggling to get words down. Today, I trashed the outline and started over, re-writing an extensive synopsis that works.

Sadly, I had to gut the story. It was painful beyond the telling of it and I’m left with a mere 18 pages. **head desk, rub and repeat.**

The story is a paranormal, in case you’re wondering. I’m doing my first werewolf story. That’s probably why I’m having such issues with it. Playing in a new sandbox isn’t easy. It’s fun, but difficult. To me it is, anyway.

Okay, I should be writing instead of procrastinating. LOL I’ve added a few polls to the right to liven the page up a bit so, if you’re so inclined to give me a few minutes of your time I would appreciate it!

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Lily Graison is a USA TODAY bestselling author of historical western romances. She also writes a variety of genres under the name L. R. Grasion. Most all of her stories lean heavily to the spicy side with strong female leads and heroes who tend to always get what they want. She writes full time and lives in Hickory, NC with her husband and a house full of Yorkies

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  1. Congrats Lily!!That first christmas is #2 highest rated on Fictionwise today. YOU go girl!!

    and what you’re going through, I do too. You’re overthinking everything. Just relax, get to know the main character, let them guide you through the plot. And good luck, youll do fine.

    Dian aka Gayle Eden-Eve Asbury

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