Excerpt – Wicked: Tempt Me Not

I was asked over a week ago to post an excerpt for this story and my lazy self didn’t do it, so here’s me trying to not be a slug. Here’s you’re excerpt, Dian. Sorry for the delay.

Note: This is when Holly first realizes who she’s trapped with in that mountain cabin.

Holly stood rooted to the floor until her mouth had gone completely dry from hanging open. Her heart raced in her chest and she blinked a few times before closing her mouth.

She stared down at who she now knew was the very famous, although troubled musician, Devin Shaw, front man for the band, Wicked, the hottest thing to hit the music scene in years.

Her hands started sweating instantly. Devin Shaw. She was in the same room as Devin Shaw. Roxy would shit bricks when she found out!

He’d lain back down after giving her one last grin and she stared at his silent form wondering what to do. All that pretty flesh was laid out right before her eyes and she had to shake her head to remain focused on the problem at hand and not him.

But, how many nights had Roxy drooled over every member of that band, Luke especially, going into detail of what she’d like to do to them given the chance?

And here she was, her hungry gaze devouring Devin Shaw in the flesh.

She bit her cheek to keep from smiling and turned, making her way quickly to the upper loft.

She searched her bags again for the phone charger. How could she forget to pack it? Sitting on the bed after the third rummage through her things, she sighed.

Now what?

What Devin Shaw was doing here was a better question. Weren’t rock stars supposed to be living life in the fast lane? Yet, here he was, sleeping on her rented sofa in the mountains of Tennessee.

What did she do now?

Roxy would know what to do. Of course, knowing her friend, she would tell her to take advantage of the situation and ride Devin like the stallion he was, but that was something Holly couldn’t do. She’d never been the go-get ‘em kind of girl. Besides, just because he was a rock star didn’t mean he was fuckable.

Her inner eye recalled all that sinful flesh laid out on the sofa and she grinned. Okay, so maybe he was fuckable. That didn’t mean she would throw herself at him like some love-crazed groupie.

The thoughts of actually sharing the cabin with him lasted about as long as it took for her mind to register how bad an idea that was. The last she’d read, he had been in rehab for substance abuse, and what that substance was, had never been revealed.

He was ill tempered, arrested after he attacked someone at one of his concerts, and every detail of his life splattered on every magazine cover and trash paper imaginable.

Then again, how many times had Roxy gone on and on about how the press lied to sell magazines? She was probably right too. Every time that band appeared in a magazine, Roxy snatched it up and devoured every word written about them, proving her point.

She sighed, lifted her hand, and pushed her hair back away from her face. What was she going to do? She couldn’t possibly share the cabin with him. The idea was insane. Devin Shaw? How would she ever survive two weeks with him underfoot? Maybe he isn’t staying that long. She frowned and lay down across the bed.

* * * *

Devin let out a long breath and turned his head to look up at the bedroom loft. Dim light shown on the walls but he couldn’t sense any movement. The cabin was quiet; the only sounds were that of the fire popping and the wind outside whistling through the trees.

Holly had looked completely shocked when she finally realized who he was. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little disappointed it had taken her so long to figure it out. He was used to screaming girls recognizing him from four blocks away. She was a first.

He didn’t know what to do. His cell phone didn’t work and hers was useless as well. He was here for the next month. There was no way he could spend that much time with her and still expect to get anything done. He was here to write and get his shit together.

Having her underfoot would be a distraction. He’d yet to meet a woman he didn’t eventually sink his cock into. Women threw themselves at him daily and he was happy to oblige. Of course, bedding Holly was in no way a burden. The girl was a looker. A little plain compared to the girls he’d been with but that didn’t make her less attractive. She looked sweet and innocent, like a grade-school teacher with curves and tits that would stop traffic. The vision of her sweating and screaming his name put a smile on his face. Seeing her by the fire, naked and beautiful, was proof enough. He’d fuck her silly given the chance.

He sat up and stared into the fire. If you can’t get rid of them, fuck ‘em. It had worked for years. Why not now? Besides, how long had it been now? Too damn long.

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  1. Rofl. Nag, Nag Nag, it’s about time. BTW your blog hates me, I was a week trying to post something to get on your nerves. Then again, it’s prolly my dial up (roll eyes)
    Best of luck wif this, and you’d better be busy writing something else! craks whip.
    Dian (aka) Gayle eden and Eve Asbury

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