One book down, One to go

I just finsihed the last edit on A Touch of Heaven and sent it off to Alinar Publishing. It’s due for release in 2 weeks! I’m so happy to finally have this completed. It means I can move on and get to work on something else….like Destined Hearts! I have it open now. I pasted it into my template and of course, the formatting went all wonky on me. *rolls eyes* It’s just a jumble of lines. I have to manually seperate each and every one of them. I’m not sure why it did this. Maybe the template? Hard to say. I’m not worried about it though. I want the formatting perfect before I start messing with text and after spending an entire day reading my last book a little mindless formating problem won’t kill me. I don’t think I have the brain cells left for heavy editing anyway. I’ll leave that for tomorrow. The cover has been fonted and I can’t stop looking at it. LOL It’s so great. Dan did a fantastic job on that cover. It’s by far my favorite cover.

I will be posting a few excerpts from Destined Hearts in the coming weeks/months leading up to the release in February just to wet the appetite a little. This story is 5 years in the making and I’m SO happy to finally be able to share it. I only hope it is read and enjoyed as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. The romance between Caitlyn and William has been living inside my head for years and it will be nice to finally share their story.

Anyway…I’m off to format this thing before bed time. Have a good week!

Until next time….

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