I’m still here and writing

I’m not sure what it was that finally ‘clicked’ on this story, but boy am I glad it did. Destined Hearts has been haunting me for close to 4 years now. I opened it last Sunday evening, re-read the last couple of chapters and BOOM…the characters finally started talking to me. I sat down and wrote every thing they whispered and before I went to bed I had a complete outline AND 2 additional chapters. It’s officially Sunday again and I’ve added 13,691 words to the manuscript. That’s probably more than I’ve written in the last six months. Sad, but true. I have 7 more scenes to write and I’ll finally be finished.

Just saying the word ‘finished’ makes me smile. This story has been a true labor of love. Its the first original I ever tried to write. It may be why I’ve slaved over it for so long. I wanted it to happen for many reasons. I’m just glad its all coming together for me. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal even though I haven’t written ‘The End’ yet. I know exactly how the story will play out and that’s more than I knew 2 weeks ago. Just having the ‘road map’ in front of me is a blessing. I’ve always been a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of writer. I know where I’m going, just not how I’m going to get there. It’s always worked in the past but with this story, it didn’t. That’s probably why its sat dormant on my computer for so long. Those characters needed guidance where most of my others tell me where their going.

I’m in the home stretch now and the end is in sight. It’s a feeling I could get use to.

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Jumping off the deep end…

I’ve taken the plunge. Of course, I’m not sure if I’ll sink or swim but there’s no harm in trying, right?

I’ve started writing my first mystery. Sure it’s still paranormal and I’ve spent more time plotting than anything but hopefully it’ll all pan out in the end. This is actually the first story I’ve felt passionate about in a while. I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or sad. I have so many stories started that I was passionate about as well — but they all fizzled and died a slow agonizing death. This one I’m hopping won’t meet the same fate.

The rate at which I’m getting things published, it looks like one a year for me. Tis truely sad. I know. I’m a slow writer in case any of you hadn’t figured out by now. My internal editor won’t be quiet long enough for me to get 2 pages worth of work done before she’s standing over my shoulder with her red pen scribbling up the pages. I haven’t figured out a way to shut her up. I see something wrong and I can’t move forward until its fixed. It’s truely a disease, one that is slowly killing me. I blame it on my ‘writing roots’. If any of you didn’t know, I started testing my writing skills with fanfiction. (Yes, I know how the world views it but to each their own, I suppose) In that form of writing, most stories are written chapter for chapter and posted as you go along. The need to get that one solidary chapter in its best form is why I find it so hard to write anything now. Instead of spending hours and hours editing, fixing and prettying up something as I go, I’m now forced to just plunge ahead and write crap and THEN come back and fix it. I can’t get my brain wrapped around the concept of letting the crap stay. You can go back and fix it when it’s all said and done. Of course, saying that is easier than actually doing it. I’ve been writing and publishing work since 2002. That’s a long time to do something one way only to try and rework my brain into another way of thinking. Hopefully I’ll get it eventually. I’m trying so that’s all anyone can ask for, right?

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New eBook Release

It’s finally available! Something Old, Something New is finally available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. My story shares space with author L. Bohmer’s “The Other Woman” in Torrid Teasers Volume 20.
Excerpt from Something Old, Something New
Chapter 1

“You can’t marry him.”

The sound of his voice was startling in the stillness of the room and Liz turned, glancing behind her. Jason Lowery stood there, staring at her, his face full of mischief. The infuriating smirk she hated so much curved his lips, showing his perfect white teeth. She rolled her eyes before shaking her head. “Are you insane? You can’t be in here.”
“Why not?” he asked before turning and shutting the door behind him.
“Uh, because no one is suppose to see the bride before the wedding, that’s why.”
He laughed, leaning against the door and shoving his hands into his pants pockets. “Well, if I thought for a minute you were seriously going to go through with this, then I might follow all the rules. Besides, the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride before the wedding. I don’t remember anything about best friends.”
The dark suit he wore made him appear even more gorgeous than usual. Liz couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen him dressed like this. Jeans and T-shirts were his usual attire. Just being near him today put tempting thoughts of betrayal in her mind. She stared out the window, determined to ignore how delicious he looked. Crossing her arms over her chest, she muttered, “Fine. What do you want?”
“Now is that any way to greet the only person who cared enough to come all the way up here to witness this spectacle?”
“It’s not a spectacle,” she defended, turning her head slightly to look at him.
“Says you.” Jason laughed. “They have violins playing and doves just waiting to be released. It’s stupid, if you ask me. I hope those damn birds shit all over the place.”
“It’s not stupid—and could you be any more crude?” she asked hatefully. “For your information, Mr. Too-Dumb-To-Know-Any-Better, its classy, something your pea-brain could never comprehend. Now stop making fun of my wedding and tell me what you want.”
“I want you to not marry that asshole,” he replied calmly.
“He’s not an asshole.”
“Says you.”
Liz turned toward him, scowling, narrowing her eyes. “Don’t do this, Jason. Not now. You’ve already given me your opinion. Revisiting the fight from last week isn’t going to accomplish anything, except to piss me off again.”
“Well, if I remember correctly, the fight last week resulted in the best blowjob of my life.” He grinned. “I’m up for a repeat performance if you are.”
Liz clenched her fists at her sides and tried not to raise her voice. “It’s not going to happen. Your twisted idea of foreplay isn’t going to work anymore. I’m through fighting with you”
“Aw, come on Lizzy.” He chuckled, lowering his lashes suggestively and licking his lips. “Your breasts always do this little heaving thing when you get mad. Don’t disappoint me now, when they’re looking so ripe and luscious.”
“God, you’re such a pig.”
“Oink, oink.”
Sighing, Liz glanced at his smiling face and shook her head. “You know, I really don’t have time for this. Will you please just get to the point? I have a wedding to prepare for.”
Jason’s grin dissolved and he exhaled a long breath. “Fine. We’ll skip the small talk then,” he said seriously. “He doesn’t love you, Liz. Not like I do. You don’t belong here. The city isn’t for you.”
“Good lord, not again,” she whined, rubbing her temples when they started to throb. “Jason, we’ve been over this a hundred times already. I’ve been stuck on that damn farm long enough. I want out. I have no life there. Why can’t you just be happy for me?”
“Because I know you,” he whispered softly. “You’ll be miserable here.”
“No, I’ll finally have something here!” Liz hissed as loudly as she dared. “Just look at this place.” She glanced around the room, taking in the pristine white furnishings and the antiques gracing every sleek surface. The ornate gardens she could see from the window were the perfect spot for her wedding. “Everything I’ve ever wanted is here, Jason. A big house, beautiful clothes and a man who has more money than I could ever spend.”
“So, you’re just in it for the money?”
Her cheeks reddened as her temper flared. “Don’t you dare judge me.”
“Why not?” Jason spat. “If you’re going to act like a gold-digging bitch, I might as well treat you like one.”
“You bastard! Get out of here. I don’t need you.”
She turned from him, back to the full-length mirror, and admired the dress she’d picked out from one of those chic bridal magazines. He stood by the door unmoving. She tried to ignore him and the pain his words caused.
She knew what her marriage to David looked like to everyone back home, but she didn’t care. They didn’t have to live her life, she did. So what if they thought badly of her? It’s not like she would ever have to see any of them again. Hell, Jason had been the only person who even bothered to make the trip to the city—even if the only reason he did was to try and stop her.
Everything was perfect. Her life had finally started going the way she’d envisioned it all those years ago and she’d be damned if Jason would ruin things after she had worked so hard to get herself here. She sighed, trying to erase her darkened mood, as she studied her reflection.
Her long, golden tresses were pinned securely to the back of her head with small flowers tucked within the strands. She had spent the better half of the morning getting fussed over by her own private hairdresser. She was treated like royalty here. Her blue eyes sparkled, but the slight blush to her cheeks increased the more she mused over Jason’s words. How dare he make her feel like shit!
“Why him, Liz?” Jason finally asked, his voice strained. “Is it because I don’t have his money? Wealth won’t make you happy.”
“And you can?” she mocked sarcastically. “You’re just an ignorant farm boy, Jason. You don’t know anything about what it takes to make me happy.”
“You’re not in love with him.”
“And how do you know that?” she snapped.
He stared at her reflection, meeting her gaze with deep longing. “Because…I can see it every time you look at me.”
Liz’s features softened at his words. She wished, yet again, he wasn’t right. “Maybe love isn’t every thing, Jason.”
“You know that’s not true.” He pushed his weight off the door and moved slowly across the room toward her.
Liz’s heart nearly beat through her chest watching his progression in the mirror. His jet-black hair appeared almost blue in the light from the windows. Those high cheekbones and deep green eyes gave him a look straight from the pages of some high fashion magazine. He appeared more at home in the big city than she did. Just seeing him like this…caused a nervous tremble in the pit of her stomach.
Jason had to be the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, and yes, she loved him, but love wasn’t enough—not for her.
She wanted more than wide-open fields and the dirty back roads of Lincoln County, no matter how much she loved him. Her dreams were full of bright lights and fine things. She couldn’t get those things at home. Living in a small, one-stop-light town with its dull scenery, wasn’t for her. Lack of entertainment had always made her long for something else and getting out of there had been her dream since age ten.
Of course, getting over Jason Lowery would take time, but a determined soul always won, right? Being in love didn’t make you happy. People got married all the time and weren’t in love and if they could do it, so could she.
Focusing her eyes on Jason’s face in the mirror, his intense expression sent a chill up her spine. She’d seen that look so many times she’d memorized it. It caused her knees to go weak.
He stopped behind her. His fingers brushed against the back of her arm and the tingles spread through her limbs in an instant.
“He will never love you like I do, Lizzy.”
The words were whispered across her cheek. The warmth of his breath was a slow tickle against her skin, before his lips danced across her flesh to rest on the sensitive area just below her ear.
Liz’s eyes closed. Her breathing increased as every thought left her…except the way he made her feel. That instant lust…the rush of heat as it swam through her body, leaving her dizzy.
To read more, Purchase the eBook!
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Christmas Greetings

The shopping is done, the cooking started and now we just wait for the big day. I love Christmas but all the hustle and bustle of shopping, trying to remember everyone on my lists and getting to Grandma’s house on time is just nerve racking. I’d love to be able to sit back and enjoy being with my family without the pressure of getting that perfect gift or wondering if someone will be disappointed with what they recieved. As much as I love it…I’ll be glad when its all over with! lol

I’d like to take just a minute to thank everyone for your support this past year and for making one of my dreams come true. Without you, writing wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Hearing that my stories are enjoyed is why continue to try. Enjoy the time with your family and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. See you in 2007!


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Musings on the Muse

I think my new years resolution will be to update the blog more than once every 4 months. I’ve been neglectful. No secret to most of you though. I’m just not very good at updating this thing. I’ll try to change that. Notice I said try. LOL

I’ve started a new story. This makes #956, I think. Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that high but it feels like it. I have a folder full of ‘started’ stories. I just can’t seem to finish them. I don’t know why. The muse will rush around in a frenzy for days or weeks, pushing out a good chunk of storyline then…nothing. It’s frustrating. I have so many stories with so much potential. Great storylines. Great characters. Great plot. But they’re all a no-go. It’s like I get to this certain point and the story dies a slow, agonizing death and I’m left to mourn over what it could have been. I have vampires and fairies just sitting there waiting…Sci-fi and contemporaries all just waiting for my fickle muse to get his rear in gear. I use to sit down at the computer and pump out pages upon pages a day. No I can barely get the curser to move. I sit and stare at it for hours. It mocks me.

I’ll have to blame work on a lot of it. For those of you who don’t know, I went back to work in July. As much as I love writing, sitting around the house for hours upon hours drove me nuts! I love my job. I love the money. I actual talk to people other than my kids and my pets. I feel more human now. Being a cave dweller for over 2 years took its toll on me I think. I don’t regret the decision to go back to work but there are days…like today, when I see that my writing has suffered for it, that I wish I would have just sucked it up and stayed planted in my desk chair. I love writing. I love the creative process of it and working has sucked the life out of my creativity. It doesn’t help that I work a graveyard shift. 3:30 to midnight. I’m home by 12:30 every night but after pulling 8 hours I’m too brain fried to concentrate. All I seem to write at that time is rubbish. Weekends are also a non-writer friendly time. My niece is here every weekend and I can’t just abandon her to play with my imaginary friends. I envy those people who can put everything/everyone else aside and just do what they love. I can’t. I’m not built that way. My family has always come first. It guess they always will. I can’t see that ever changing. My kids are grown and ready to leave home. When they’ll do that is anyone’s guess. Maybe then…when the nest is empty, I’ll have that time for myself. I’ll be able to let the laundry pile up and the dirty dishes sit so I can just write. It’s my dream. Hopefully one day, it’ll come true.

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Book Give-away!

It’s time for another give-away! There’s a signed Print copy of A Touch of Heaven waiting for the winner of this contest.

This time, we’re going to have a little fun. Have you ever played the game, Dirty Minds? Well if not, put on your thinking caps!

I’m going to list 10 descriptions of every day items/things and you have to guess what they are. The ‘trick’ is…you have to keep your mind OUT of the gutter to get them right! No answer is ‘dirty’ in nature, just the clues.

The person who emails me with the most correct answers will win the book. I’ll list the answers and the winner on November 30.

Mail your answers to lily.graison@gmail.com with ‘Contest 5’ in the subject line.

Now, on to the game!

1. I sometimes go down on you.
My bytes don’t bruise.
I can drive it floppy or hard.

2. I get fingered a lot.
People stick things in me.
I sometimes get laid on my spine.

3. I’m about 6 inches long.
I have nuts.
I can make women fat.

4. I start with an “F.”
I end with a “K.”
If you can’t get me, you have to use your hands.

5. You suck on me with your mouth.
I can’t stay hard forever.
There’s sometimes lipstick on my stick when you’re done.

6. I have to roll up my hose when I’m done.
I wear rubber for protection.
I come down a pole when you need me.

7. You love to lick me.
After your mouth works on me, I get sticky.
The climax comes when you chew on my stick.

8. I’m designed to pierce women.
I dangle from you appendage.
Losing me leaves you with an empty hole.

9. I fit in-between you legs.
You make me go faster by whipping me.
If you ride me too long, you walk funny.

10. I’m spread before I’m eaten.
You tongue gets me off.
People sometimes lick my nuts.

Okay, there you go! Have fun with these and mail me your answers before November 30th!

Good luck,

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Writer’s Block

I managed to write 3,000 words yesterday. It’s not much, but after the months of sitting here staring at my manuscript and nothing coming out, I’m pleased. I hope it wasn’t just a one time thing. I’ve been working on this particular story for 3 years now. Yes, I know. Get it done already! But – it isn’t that easy. The plot is full of twists and I hate outlines, so I have to try and keep everything in order in my head. It’s a lot of work but I can’t do it any other way. I’m a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of writer and having everything all planned out just–sucks the fun out of it for me. I’d rather be surprised by the twists and turns just as my characters are. The story is always more interestig when I experience everything right alone with my Hero and Herione. It keeps it fresh. Plus, if I already know everything that is going to happen, then why do I need to bother writing it down? LOL

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