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The first round of edits have been done on Wicked 4… it is now with my CP’s awaiting their input. One has already sent hers back and she loved it. She actually said she didn’t know which she liked best, Mick’s story or Luke’s. LOL Those two were definitely my bad boys. Personally, I think Mick was just a little bit more wicked. That boy had some mouth on him. The story will be available September 20th!

I’ve been flying through this paranormal ‘shifter’ novel I’ve been writing, too. I had started it back at the first of the year and hit a brick wall I couldn’t get past, so I shoved it in my ‘started but probably never going to finish’ folder. Once I finished up Wicked, I opened it again, re-read all 60+ pages I had of it, found my problem, and started restructuring it. 9 days later and I’ve added another 78 pages to it. O_O I’m writing the last scenes now. I only have maybe 2 more to go… 3 at the most. Of course these particular characters weren’t finished with me. I have whispered bits of scenes flashing through my head so it’s safe to say we’ll have a sequel, maybe even a trilogy here. I don’t really know yet. I could ‘make’ it a 10 book series if I wanted to but my muse gets bored playing in the same sandbox too long. He likes the adventure of finding new, bigger sandboxes so we’ll just have to wait and see where he goes.

You can check out all my story progress here on the blog. I have each one listed and the progress meter for each over on the right hand side. Just scroll down a bit until you see them. 😉

There’s also only a few more days left to enter my July contest. I’m giving away a signed, Print copy of Wicked: Temp Me Not this month so if you haven’t entered, head over to, click on Contest on the menu and fill out the form. I’ll draw 1 winner on Aug. 1st.

Good luck!

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