Writer Wednesday

      If you’re on my Street Team, then you know I only recently finished A Willow Creek Christmas. It took much longer than I anticipated. The book was hijacked by my characters and the struggle wasn’t pretty. They eventually won the battle and the book topped out at nearly 90,000 words. I’m still on target for the November 25th release date and I’m sticking to it unless something MAJOR happens…like, something that pulls me away from my desk for days…weeks, kind of major. In which case, I will inform you of such a catastrophe.   I’ve been thinking about the next book in the Willow Creek Series. I know everyone is waiting on Alexandra Avery’s story__you would not believe the amount of email I get about her, which I love, by the way!__but I’m afraid her book is NOT next. I have one more to tell first, Dr. Even Reid’s story. His book will set up the small pieces I need for Alex so her story will only be better for it. Besides, she’ll still be there, causing a fuss and giving her daddy gray hair way before his time. Plus…she needs to age a bit, yet!   I brainstormed with a few friends to try and get the pieces of the next book in place and the vision I had for it has grown amazingly! I’ll start getting my notes in order soon and TRY to find a title. I’m the type of author who can’t write a single word of a story until I have a title. Its weird but it’s the way I roll.   For the moment, I’m editing and since we’re only five weeks from release, I’ll be devoting my time to that and taking notes for book #7 as release day approaches. … Keep Reading!