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Welcome again to Tuesday Teasers! I have a small excerpt from The Calling today, which is book 1 in the Night Breeds series. The scene I’ve picked is an intense ‘claiming’ where our hero finally gets to mark the girl his wolf has wanted since laying eyes on her.

In a world where the supernatural isn’t supposed to exist, one woman comes face to face with the monsters and fights to survive their call.

Investigative reporter Rayna Ford is sent to the small community of Wolf’s Creek to write an expose on a town supposedly over run with werewolves. Assuming the inhabitants to be under a mass delusion, she learns quickly that all isn’t as it seems. Their plans involve more than a newspaper article and her life hangs in the balance as their motive for luring her to them is revealed.

Garrett Kincaid knows a thing or two about werewolves. He is one. After leaving his pack, he’s spent the last twelve years pretending to be something he isn’t. His closely guarded secret threatens to destroy him when he meets Rayna Ford, the woman his wolf has claimed as his own. When he learns the pack has lured Rayna to them in order to get to him, he races to Wolf’s Creek to protect her from the very thing he fears the most. Himself.

The power struggle within the pack becomes clear once Garrett reaches his old home and learns of the pack’s plans for Rayna. The beast lurking beneath his skin is torn between protecting the woman he wants to call mate and keeping the balance within the pack on neutral ground. When choosing a side no longer matters, he does what he must to save his mate, even if that means making one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

When the stakes are high, and lives hang in the balance, can you ignore life as you know it to answer…The Calling.


Rayna didn’t even pause as she reached the door of the cabin. She shoved it open without knocking, listening to it hit the wall as she looked around the room. She saw a stunned expression cross Garrett’s face, his eyes widening as she marched across the room to the sofa where he sat before she planted one knee between his legs and grabbed his head with both hands, leaning down to kiss him. She forced her tongue into his mouth, taking what she wanted and didn’t give him time to protest. She pressed her body against him, her fingers tightening in his hair until he tilted his head, deepening the kiss and moaned into her mouth. When he raised his hands and touched her, she jerked away from him and started backing toward the door. “I need a mate,” she said. “And I choose you, Garrett Kincaid. If that wolf of yours wants me, then have him catch me.”

She turned and ran back out the door, jumping from the porch, and she’d barely made it into the trees when she heard him. She smiled at the sound of his feet hitting the wooden porch and wondered how far she’d actually get before he caught her. The crashing of trampled brush she heard behind her told her not very far.

The trek through the forest was nothing to her now and she pumped her arms at her side, raising her legs high as she jumped fallen limbs and small bushes. She weaved through the pines, darting in one direction before turning toward another. Garrett followed her with every turn, the sound of him behind her, chasing her, almost as exciting as what she knew was coming.

When she heard the rushing water of the creek, she knew he was just prolonging the chase. He could have caught her minutes after they entered the woods and she grinned knowing he was enjoying their game as much as she did. The moment she saw the creek, she turned and ran for it, running across the shallow rock bed to the other side. He followed, the splashing from the creek as he ran across growing closer as she ran up the bank and back onto solid ground.

He caught her before she got her feet under her good.

They crashed to the ground, the air leaving her body in a whoosh as he landed on top of her, his hips pressing into her butt. He was already hard. He ground himself against her as his arms circled her waist. She squirmed and clawed at the ground, trying to free herself and let out a startled yelp as his blunt teeth bit into the side of her neck. He pushed his hips against her backside and reached under her, sliding his hand between her legs and cupping her through her jeans, squeezing. Sparks of need zapped through her limbs and she squirmed against his hand.

The hold he had on her neck slacked, his teeth coming away from her skin. “Lay still,” he rasped in her ear. “Don’t move.”

She stilled under him, her heart slamming against her ribcage. She knew what he was doing the moment he laid his head against hers and wasn’t having any part of it. It wasn’t going to be that easy for him. She wouldn’t play the submissive. If he wanted her, he’d have to fight her for it. She smiled to herself before bracing her arms and arching her back, trying to buck him off of her. He growled, his hold on her tightening as she clawed at the ground and tried to get away.

Kicking her feet she was able to dislodge him enough to flip over. He reached for her, pinning her to the ground with one arm across the front of her chest. She was panting for breath, struggling under him and raised her head, biting into his shoulder. He yelled and grabbed the back of her head, his fingers twisting in her hair before she released her hold. He grabbed her arms, jerking them over her head. The look on his face nearly made her come. He looked like he wanted to eat her alive and god help her, she nearly wanted him to.

“Rayna, I’m warning you.” His eyes had bled to wolf amber, his voice raspy and thick, guttural. She bucked under him, kneeing him in the thigh before he growled and trapped her legs between his own. He lowered his head, his growl vibrating in her chest. “You don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Yes, I do,” she said. “I don’t need a puppy for a mate, Garrett, I need a wolf. Either prove you’re that wolf or I’ll find another.”

She knew her choice of words were wrong the second they were out of her mouth. His eyes blazed, his deep, rumbling growl sent chills racing up her spine before he took her mouth hard. He forced his tongue past her lips, pressing her head into the ground and she gave as much as she got. The moment he loosened his grip on her arms she reached up, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and held him to her. The rumbling in his chest grew louder, his hips pressing into her just a little bit harder.

Rayna sank her nails into his shoulders before raking them down his back. She grabbed the hem of his shirt, jerking it up so she could touch his bare skin. He lifted, helping her remove the shirt. She panted for breath as he nibbled on her lips, bit gently across her jaw to her throat. She barely contained the moan wanting to escape as he sucked at her flesh and tried to remember the things Judith had told her. She ticked them off inside her head and knew she’d only accomplished a few of them.

When Garrett’s head lowered, his lips sliding softly across her skin to the top of her shirt and nuzzling his face into her cleavage, she bucked under him, grinning when he landed on his side. She flipped over, crawling to her knees, getting one foot on the ground before launching herself up. He grabbed her before she could stand completely, wrestling her back to the ground. He was on her back again, panting in her ear. “Rayna, don’t make me hurt you.”

She looked over her shoulder at him and reached up, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulled his head down to her. “And don’t puss out on me. Where’s that wolf that wanted me? If you’re too afraid to take me, then maybe he will!”

He growled again and reached for the collar of her shirt. The material ripped as he jerked, baring her back to him. She’d gone without a bra and he took advantage of the fact, pulling her to her knees and cupping her breast in his hand, pinching her nipple to the point of pain. His free hand worked on the snap of her jeans. He latched onto her shoulder, his blunt teeth sinking into her skin deep enough for her to hold still or cause herself pain. He worked her pants and underwear down her thighs before he let go of her and pushed her head and shoulders to the ground.

You can read the first 10 chapters of this story for FREE over at the Night Breeds Blog

The Calling
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Words: 63,000
Released: February 2010
Rating: Sultry
Price: $2.99


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