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Welcome to today’s Tuesday Teaser! I have a small excerpt from The Gathering, Book 2 in the Night Breeds series.

Book 2 in the Night Breeds Series.

Sequel to, The Calling

THE CALLING changed Rayna Ford’s life forever, now in THE GATHERING, she will find out what she’s truly become.

Rayna Ford didn’t believe in monsters, until she became one herself. As a newly turned werewolf awaiting her first shift, Rayna puts all her trust in Garrett Kincaid, the man who accidentally infected her and changed her life forever. But when old enemies resurface and take her from the one man who vowed to protect her, Rayna must face her fears alone.

The Collective, the Breed leaders of all the preternatural species, haven’t abandoned the dream of announcing their presence to the world and they still want Rayna to be the one who integrate them into human society. Her only chance at survival is to reveal the secret the breed leaders want her to show the world, but in doing so, she may alienate the very creatures she wants to protect and endanger her own life in the process.


He entered the room like walking death. Splatters of blood were painted across his cheek; the front of his shirt soaked in crimson and the look on his face was one Rayna would never forget. This was the creature she had feared.
His eyes were wolf amber, his facial features slightly distorted, and she knew he was struggling to hold the beast back. His gaze bore into her as his long stride ate at the distance between them. When her legs stopped shaking, she ran to him. He caught her with clawed hands as she buried her face in his neck. “Garrett.”
He lowered his head, his breath warm against her ear. “Did they hurt you?”
“No. Just scared me.” She felt his chest vibrate, his hold on her tightening. She stared at the shifters at his back and wondered how they’d get out of this. Garrett appeared to be alone and she wasn’t delusional enough to think Victor would just let them leave.
That wheezing laugh of Victor’s caught her attention and she turned her head to look at him.
“You must be Garrett,” Victor said. “I’d like to say it was a pleasure to finally meet the man who destroyed Malcolm but your timing is unfortunate.”
“Actually, it looks as if I’m right on time.”
Victor sat back down, propping his cane against the chair arm before looking back up at them. “Depends on what you hope to accomplish, I suppose.”
“I don’t hope to accomplish anything,” Garrett said. “What I will do is take my mate and leave.”
Another wheezed laugh filled the room. Victor’s eyes flashed amber for a split second before the old man grinned. “You are every bit the arrogant Alpha I was told you were, Garrett, but I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.”
Garrett stiffened, his hold on her tightening. “It’s not a matter of you allowing it. I came for my mate and I will leave with her. Whether you survive is still debatable.”
Someone in the back of the room laughed and Rayna could tell by the look on the faces of those around them that the Breed leaders were intrigued.
Victor stared at Garrett for long minutes, one finger tapping against his chin, before he lowered his arm. “You would risk your own life for her?”
Rayna looked up at Garrett’s quick answer. He was watching Victor, the wolf shimmering across the surface of his face. The deadly glint in his eyes caused a trickle of fear to crawl up her spine. He wasn’t leaving without her. She knew by the look on his face he’d fight anyone, and anything, that got in their way of leaving.
She looked toward Sabriel. He was watching her. The sight of his bloodied, swollen face caused her heart to ache. That would be Garrett soon. There was no way Victor would let them leave. They’d never make it out of this. Not alive. The Collective would have what they wanted regardless. Garrett would pay with his life and she wasn’t willing to stand by and watch.
Turning to Victor, she said, “I’ll do it.”
Garrett’s hold on her tightened until she gasped. “Keep quiet,” he growled. His voice was tinged with that garbled, harsh vibration of the wolf. He glared at her, his jaw clenched tight. “Don’t say another word.”
Rayna cringed at the look he gave her. “There’s too many of them here,” she whispered.
“Do as I say, Rayna.”
“Lover’s quarrel?” Victor asked.
Garrett took a step toward Victor, pushing Rayna behind him. She watched those around her, glancing from face to face. They wore eager, expectant masks. They were waiting.
Victor leaned his head to one side, studying them both. “It doesn’t have to end in bloodshed, Garrett. I can see by your appearance you’ve come with that intention.”
“I came for my mate and I’ll take her by any means. Either you let her leave with me or I’ll fight our way out. You’re choice.”
“I’m sure those in the hall you disposed of were caught off guard. The shifters in this room won’t be. Surely you don’t want your mate to see you ripped apart in front of her.”
Rayna grabbed his arm, squeezing it to get his attention. He never looked her way or acknowledged she was there. The shifters in the room were grinning. They were enjoying the show. She glanced at Sabriel again. His gaze was intent, focused on her.
“And what makes you so sure that will be the outcome?” Garrett asked. “The only reason you’re still breathing old man is because I don’t want my mate to see me kill you.”
Victor laughed, his eyes watering with the effort. “I like you, Garrett.” He shifted in his seat and twirled his cane between his fingers. “I was skeptical when your name was first mentioned to me as a potential member of our little group but we could use someone with your gumption in the Collective. You could teach the others how to be wolves instead of sniffling little pups.”
“If you can’t teach your pack how to be real wolves, that’s your problem. As far as your Collective goes, you can rot in hell for all I care.” He turned and grabbed Rayna’s arm, walking with her across the room at a quick pace. Victor’s laughter followed them to the door before commotion at their back signaled the others moving.
When Garrett thrust her forward and yelled, “Run!” she did as he said and didn’t look back.
Bodies littered the hall, blood staining the walls and floor. She ignored them, racing through the darkened house. The sound of fighting reached her when the front door came into view.
She slowed and looked over her shoulder. She saw Thaddeus, running hell bent toward her. She gasped and quickened her pace, wondering if Garrett were coming as she raced for the door.

The Gathering
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Words: 75,000
Released: April 2011
Rating: Sultry
Price: $2.99


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    I remember this scene, it was great. And of course I remember the sexy Sabriel. Yum!! LOL

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