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If you haven’t been to my Facebook page (and why not? It’s awesome over there!) you probably don’t know that The Outlaw, book 2 in my Willow Creek series is now complete. I still have a few rewrites and edits to do but the hard part is finished. The book ran longer than my 40K target, ending up at 50,000 words instead. I was beginning to worry I had a novel on my hands and honestly, it could have been. I could have thrown twists and curves galore in there but it had to stop sometime. That Colt Avery (the hero in The Outlaw) just didn’t want to give up the spotlight. And I honestly didn’t want him to. He was Yummy from word one! I can’t wait for you to read his story.

I started writing book 3, The Gambler, last week. I haven’t been able to get very far due to circumstances beyond my control and it’s messing up my time schedule. I try to write 3K a day and I’ve missed several writing days now. I still have over a week to finish the story but writing in mad dashes eats my brain. I may not make the ‘official’ deadline but it should be close.

I actually plotted this story out, something I ‘never’ do. I’m a panster, not a plotter, but for some reason the notes I usually make to get my ‘key’ plot points on paper escaladed into a full blow outline. It was a bit shocking but it’s actually been useful to some degree. Of course, the muse (Benny) still dances to his own tune and is changing things but that’s okay. I’d be worried if the story wrote exactly the way the outline went. Change is good and so far, the surprises have been pleasant. I’m only 7K into the story and another of those ‘unforeseen little life diversions’ has stepped in and taken me away from my computer so the word count won’t be going up for at least another day or two.

Hopefully I’ll be finished by months end so I can get started on Book 4. It’s the one I’ve been waiting to write. There’s just something a little bit ‘wild’ about Holden Avery that I can’t wait to explore. He seems very quiet on the outside but I think that man has secrets he’s only willing to share with that special someone. Time will tell, of course.

For now, I’ll leave you with a very small snippet from The Outlaw! (Behind the cut for due to erotic language/imagery. Read with caution! – un-edited so anything weird will be edited out int he final version!)

Sarah nearly drowned in his kisses, the nerves under her flesh jumping as he ran his hand over her ribs to cup the underside of her left breast. His thumb danced along the tender flesh, rasped across her hardened nipple.

He broke the kiss and nibbled a path to her ear, his breath hot against her skin. Sarah stared at the shard of sunlight filtering through the trees and smiled before closing her eyes again, savoring every touch, every hot exhalation of his breath.

Wet kisses were peppered down her neck and across her throat. His tongue joining the leisurely stroll to her chest. Sarah watched him kiss his way to the soft skin of her breast. He looked up, his gaze locked with hers as he extended his tongue, rolling his tongue around her nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

The sensation was overwhelming. Her mouth opened as she took in more air, her back arched, trying to bring him closer as shards of pleasure sparked through her body. His hand held her breast to him, his fingers firm, squeezing gently on the soft flesh.

He released her, small kisses dotting her chest before he moved to the other breast, lavishing the same attention to it as his hand skated down her ribs, to her hip. His fingers tickled a path to the soft flesh of her inner thigh and she parted her legs, that throbbing pulse between her legs growing fiercer by the second. The moment he touched her, the tip of his fingers grazing the soft hair covering her, she cried out. “Colt.”

Lifting his head, he looked down at her and smiled. “Has anyone every touched you like this before?” He parted her, his fingers burrowing inside her flesh to find the small bundle of nerves that seemed to control all those throbbing pulses. Sarah gasped as tingles raced through her limbs. He lowered his head again, kissing the valley between her breasts, moving lower to pepper small, playful bits and kisses on her belly, her hip. When she felt him kiss her very close to where his hand was, her eyes widened and she lifted her head to look down at him.

He lifted her leg, threw it over his shoulder and Sarah was shocked when he buried his face between her legs. She cried out, grabbed his head and tried to push him away. “Colt! What are you…” His tongue lapped at her moist center and her eyes rolled, her head slamming back to the ground. “Oh, my sweet heavens.”

The Outlaw is due for release on March 12, 2012. To stay in the loop with my latest, LIKE my Facebook Fan Page!  http://www.facebook.com/authorLilyGraison

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