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After weeks of work getting The Outlaw released and promoted, I was finally able to get back to writing yesterday! I complain a lot when I write (who doesn’t complain about some aspect of their job?) but I honestly would rather be writing than editing/promoting. For some reason, getting a book ‘ready’ to be read is mentally draining. Writing isn’t.

When I stopped working on The Gambler, I had 23K written so most of yesterday was spent re-reading what I’d already written. I wasn’t able to get many ‘new’ words down, though. Just 5 pages. My internal editor won’t let me just give it a fast read through. I have to stop and tweak. Which is fine. Everything must flow in a linear fashion or I can’t move forward. Always been that way and I don’t see it changing. I just can’t write out of order.

I’ll manage to get to the end of where I stopped today so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be motoring along again. I’ve been trying to keep spoilers to a minimum for those who don’t like them but I can tell you, this book will have more sex than the previous books. My heroine isn’t shy, nor is she virginal. So by chapter 3, they were already at it! That should please those of you who complained about the lack of ‘hot sex’ in the other books. Which, I won’t apologize for. I’m not the type of writer who throws sex in for the sake of sex…if it doesn’t fit the story/characters, it isn’t in there. Plain as that. Besides, the time period I’m writing (1860’s) women were a little more reserved. They didn’t just lay down with the first man they saw. Most waited for marriage and my heroines have been very true to character. And so is Emmaline, the heroine in The Gambler. She’s basically a street urchin, more worldly than the previous heroine so she isn’t shy nor does she balk at the thought of sex, so her coming on to the hero early on fits her character.

Anyway, I did want to take a moment to THANK everyone who have bought the books. They’re doing extremely well. My biggest seller – ever, which is a bit shocking as I didn’t think anything would top my Wicked Series. The Lawman and The Outlaw are both on the best selling Western Romance chart at amazon.com and seeing them there tickles me pink. I also know they wouldn’t be there if people weren’t buying the books, so again, Thank You!

Books, so far, in the Willow Creek Series

Book 1: The Lawman – Historical Western Romance – 99cent

Book 2: The Outlaw – Historical Western Romance – $2.99

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