Six Sentence Sunday – Wicked: Sweet Temptation – Contemporary Romance book

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday comes from book 4 in my Wicked series, Wicked: Sweet Temptation. This novella was, at the time, the most blush-inducing story I had ever written. I don’t blush anymore when writing and it isn’t because the stories are no longer hot. I finally conquered my embarrassment of writing naughty words. LOL

“Put me down and stop calling me Tinker Bell. I told you it was degrading.”

“No its not. It suits you perfectly. You’re small enough to fit into my pocket but at the moment, I’d rather you be down the front of my pants.”

She glanced down and raised one eyebrow at him. “You aren’t wearing any pants.”

“Then you’ll have no problem filling that pretty mouth of yours with my dick.”

Can I just say that I LOVE Mick? He was so fun to write. The man did not care what he said or who heard him say it!

To read an excerpt from this book, visit the Wicked: Sweet Temptation book page on my website.

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Lily Graison is a USA TODAY bestselling author of historical western romances. She also writes a variety of genres under the name L. R. Grasion. Most all of her stories lean heavily to the spicy side with strong female leads and heroes who tend to always get what they want. She writes full time and lives in Hickory, NC with her husband and a house full of Yorkies

2 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Wicked: Sweet Temptation – Contemporary Romance book

  1. lexcade says:

    Characters without filters are the funnest ones to write! And Mick sounds AWESOME lol. Great snippet 🙂

  2. Lily Graison says:

    @lexcade Thank you and you’re right. Characters like Mick are a blast to write!

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