Thursday 13 :: 13 Things You’d Find In An 1800’s General Store

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thursday 13 and I actually miss them. They were a lot of fun so I’m going to bring them back for a while. Today’s 13 are things you’d find in my Willow Creek Series. More specifically, things you’d find in Mrs. Jenkins’ Mercantile which is located in the town of Willow Creek.
13 Things You’d Find in Mrs. Jenkins’ Mercantile in 1860!
(click each photograph to enlarge it to better see the detail)

Tools, Harnesses & Cloth Goods
Pots, Baskets and Beans
Sewing Notions (thread, needles, buttons, etc.), Boots and Dresses
Fine China, Coffee & Tobacco

Even a wooden casket to bury your dead!
Hats, Crocheted Lace & Feathers for Hats 
Hats, Bonnets and Evening Coats

Drawers full of…uh, I actually have no idea what this was used for. I just thought it was 
interesting! I’m assuming small things like nails, or buttons, or …tiny things?
Curling Irons for your hair. 
(I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but the ‘end’ of that has a ‘bowl’ where a hot
coal from the fire was placed. That’s where your heat came from! Neat, huh?
Ribbon for your hair.
Elixirs and Salves. Modern Medicine for the times.
Barrels and Tins
And last, but not least, a Hot Cowboy or two!
(The cowboy alone is worth making the trip!)
And there you go. Things you’d find in Mrs. Jenkins’ Mercantile, 
located in Willow Creek Montana  circa 1868. 
If you’d like to visit Mrs. Jenkins and the other residents of Willow Creek, 
Head over to and see The Lawman first!
These photographs were taken by me at an area event held by Dr. Robert Hart. He’s rescued, and restored nineteenth century structures, the largest collection of original, historical log structures in the United States, for the last forty years, and has furnished each building as it would have been in that time. 
Hart Square opens once a year, the 4th Saturday in October, to the public and the limited number of tickets usually sell within minutes. The thing that makes Hart Square so unique, are the local historians who ‘re-enact’ how life would have been in that time. I’ve had the privilege to be one of those historical reenactors for the last two years and its an event I look forward to all year long.
If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Harts life-long project, visit the Catawba County Historical Society.

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2 Responses to Thursday 13 :: 13 Things You’d Find In An 1800’s General Store

  1. Carla Krae says:

    Why does he only show it to the public once a year?

  2. Lily Graison says:

    There’s seventy structures on the property. It takes a lot of time and energy to get craftsman and reenactors together for the event. I’m sure there’s permits and what-not to consider, too. I’ve been there last two years and there were literally hundreds of people there, that’s not including the reenactors and craftsman. News crews, photographers…It’s a huge event. It’s probably a lot of hassle too and Dr. Hart is getting up there in age. lol

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