Thursday 13 :: Juicy Excerpts

13 Juicy Excerpts From My Books
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1. A Touch of Heaven – Contemporary Romance

“Sorry ladies, but this is one time you’re not going to get anything.”

“You’ll spill or I swear I’ll find the most hideous creature at the Reunion and tell him you were madly in love with him all through school!”

“Go ahead.” Paige laughed. “There isn’t anything you could do to get me to tell. It was private.”

“Private!” Kim yelled, “You just fucked a man in a public restroom! There’s nothing private about that.”

2. Destined Hearts – Contemporary Romance

“What are you smiling about?”

Caitlyn turned her head to look over her shoulder at him. “Nothing.”

“It has to be something,” William said. “It’s been on your face since you stopped screaming my name.”

Her smile widened. “Well, if I’m not mistaken, you enjoyed me screaming your name.”

“Oh, I enjoyed it a lot,” he laughed. “It’s my life’s mission to elicit that sound from you on a regular basis now.”

“I’m going to kiss you, Meredith,” his voice was deep, roughened by barely constrained lust. “If you don’t want me to, say so now.”
She did more than that. She grabbed the back of his head, forcing him close to her waiting lips. The first touch sent shocks of pleasure rippling down his spine.

“Let’s get up and go to breakfast before mom comes back.”
“Not until you tell me why you’re blushing.”
She laughed and held the sheet tighter. “You’re naked, Sean.”
He looked down at himself, noticing not an inch of the sheet covered him. He was bare ass naked, sprawled across the bed in all his glory. Had Rose seen him like that as well? He laughed before leaning toward her and tugging on the sheet. “Think your mom will be blushing when I look at her as well?”
Macy laughed, her shoulders heaving. “Oh god! I can’t believe this is happening. My pretend boyfriend just flashed his goods to my fifty-eight year old mother.”

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen a naked woman?”
Holly shook her head, unable to speak.
“Over a year. Over a year since anyone has touched me. I want you, Holly. I want to feel you underneath me and taste you when you come.”
“Oh god.”

6. Wicked: Leather and Lace – Contemporary Romance

“Luke! We’re in the back of a limo.”

“So,” he said, pulling the material forcefully. “No one can see us and Bobby is paid to drive. He’ll do so until I tell him otherwise.”

Before Roxy could protest further, her panties were tossed to the floor, her skirt pushed up over her hips, and Luke had her bottom pulled to the edge of the seat.

Her first thought was, what would Holly say? Thoughts of her friend didn’t last long, though. Not when Luke suddenly spread her legs wide, bent at the waist, and dropped his head to the heat between her legs.

7. Wicked: Jade Butterfly – Contemporary Romance

“They’re just words, Christian,” she said. “Read me the card. I promise not to bite.”

Something in her eyes told him she wanted him to read the card. She was watching him too intently. Eager anticipation shined in her eyes and he knew in that moment, he’d do anything the girl wanted no matter what the outcome.

Swallowing the nerves choking him, he glanced at the card and lifted his gaze to her face. “Fuck me if I’m wrong, but don’t you want to kiss me?”

8. Wicked: Sweet Temptation – Contemporary Romance

“Put me down and stop calling me Tinker Bell. I told you it was degrading.”

“No its not. It suits you perfectly. You’re small enough to fit into my pocket but at the moment, I’d rather you be down the front of my pants.”

She glanced down and raised one eyebrow at him. “You aren’t wearing any pants.”

“Then you’ll have no problem filling that pretty mouth of yours with my dick.”

9. The Calling – Paranormal Romance

“Is it because it’s been so long or was sex always that good before?”

He chuckled and wrapped his arms tighter around her. “It was always that good for me.” He kissed her cheek again, his lips brushing the side of her face before he paused. “Wait? Wasn’t it always that good for you?”

She leaned up and smiled at him. “I don’t know,” she said. “It’s been way too long for me to remember correctly. I may need more of a comparison. I can’t base all sex on one act.”

“The night is young,” he said, “And lucky for you, I have the stamina of five men.”

“Just five?” She squealed when he flipped her onto her back, his hips fitting between her parted thighs.

10.The Gathering – Paranormal Romance

He entered the room like walking death. Splatters of blood were painted across his cheek; the front of his shirt soaked in crimson and the look on his face was one Rayna would never forget. This was the creature she had feared.

His eyes were wolf amber, his facial features slightly distorted, and she knew he was struggling to hold the beast back. His gaze bore into her as his long stride ate at the distance between them. When her legs stopped shaking, she ran to him.

11. The Lawman – Historical Western Romance

“Do you mind?” she asked. “This is my room after all. You don’t see me barging into your room seeing you in your drawers, now do you?”

He grinned and leaned his shoulder against the doorjamb. “Well, for starters, I wouldn’t object to you doing so, although I’m known to not wear my drawers more often than I do, so I can’t promise what you’d see. As for minding seeing you like that? Not at all. Continue to undress if you wish.”

12. The Outlaw – Historical Western Romance – available March 12th!

“Why did you kiss me?”

He gave her a sudden, lazy smile. “So I’d stop thinking about doing it.” He reached for her, wrapping his hands around her waist and lifted her to the horse. He put her in the saddle this time and climbed in behind her. She wiggled her bottom to give him more room and gasped when his arm clamped around her waist and he pulled her back into his chest, his head lowering until his breath was warm against her ear. “And if you don’t stop wiggling that ass around on me I’m going to do everything else I can’t stop thinking about, too.”

13. The Gambler – Historical Western Romance – Coming Soon!

“Will you be staying the night?” He lifted his head, his eyes a bit too bright. “Or will you just come back tomorrow to get me?”

He looked toward the door and she thought then he’d be leaving but when he faced her and smiled, her pulse leaped.

“Not sure leaving would be a good idea.” He glanced at her breasts again. “Hard to say how much it’ll snow. Be easier to just leave from here.”

Emmaline nodded. He was interested, bony thing that she was. Just proved her theory. All men thought with their cock and a naked woman, or half naked, in her case, was all it took to grab their attention.

She sat the carpetbag on the floor and reached for the ties holding her shift together and pulled the ribbon, the material parting. The shift fell from her shoulders and when it pooled at her feet, Tristan’s eyes widened. “Do you prefer to be on top or bottom?”

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  1. Beach says:

    Ooooo how I have enjoyed your work! But you are a wicked woman to share yummy snipets and leave us hang! LOL
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    I truely can hardly wait for more!!
    I cant say if just one is my Fav, :).

    Beach Love Melody 😀

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