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I’ll be sharing Teasers on Tuesday with you all and today, is an excerpt from Wicked: Tempt Me Not, Book 1 in the Wicked series.

Devin Shaw, front man for the band, Wicked, is forced into seclusion by his manager after his destructive behavior almost destroys the band. Sent to a remote cabin alone isn’t Devin’s idea of fun, but to save his career, he’ll do what it takes.

Holly Baker, escaping the hassles of her big city life, arrives in the mountains of Tennessee and awaits the arrival of her friend, Roxy, to start their two-week vacation. Their plans change drastically when Roxy is called away at the last minute, leaving Holly to fend for herself.

Devin and Holly’s worlds collide when a mix up strands them in the same cabin. Alone with nothing but each other for companionship, how will Holly react when she realizes she’s trapped with none other than the hottest lead singer the country has seen in years? Will Devin be able to work with a constant distraction the pretty brunette offers? Or will the two discover that sometimes temptation is a wicked dessert best served hot!


Devin wrote down the next string of notes and tossed his pen down, staring at what he’d written. He played it again, satisfied with the way it sounded.

He looked at the page again, shaking his head in disgust before laying his guitar down. Half an hour and he’d written a whole two lines. Every time he got a good rhythm going, thoughts of Holly would sidetrack him and he forgot everything he’d just played.

This is exactly why Curt wanted him alone. Any distraction, especially a woman, and his time would be wasted. Curt may be an ass at times, but he knew what he was talking about.

Thoughts of Holly still rattled through his head. He didn’t know what to do about their current situation. She hadn’t mentioned it this morning but he assumed his little stunt at breakfast might have been why. She’d barely spoken three words to him.

He still didn’t know why he felt the need to irritate her. Maybe because he was used to fucking girls blind and leaving them right where they lay? The last woman he actually talked to was his ex and she turned out to be just another groupie trying to find a free ride. Holly was far from groupie material.

Movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and he looked to the stairs.

His mouth watered an instant later.

Holly was at the top of the stairs in nothing more than tiny scraps of red material. The bathing suit she wore had to be the most sinful thing he’d seen in years.

He loved it.

Two small triangles placed over her breast were just big enough to cover her nipples, which were pebbled to perfection and clearly seen through the thin material. Round, firm, golden breast met his gaze; he licked his lips involuntarily as she took the first step down.

Her stomach was taut; a slim waist gave way to full hips and tantalizing thighs. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to have them wrapped around his head while she rode his face.

She reached the bottom of the stairs, never once turning her head to look at him, and he nearly moaned out loud when she passed the sofa and he saw her backside. The g-string bottom made her ass look delectable. The sun had definitely kissed this goddess in places he wanted to explore himself. Her wiggling little ass begged him to touch it…and he would before the week was out.

She was out the front door before his brain could process the fact she was leaving.

He blinked, turning his head to stare back at the unlit fireplace and a slow smile curved his lips. His cock twitched and he looked down, an obvious erection straining against the material was almost uncomfortable now that he noticed it.

He grinned and stood, his new song forgotten as he walked around the couch. How could he work when tempted like that?

Someone wanted to play and he liked the sound of this game.

* * *

Holly sank into the pool, letting out the breath she’d been holding. She practically ran all the way to the hot spring, hoping to burn away her embarrassment.

It took every bit of courage she had to parade around in front of Devin like that, but she’d seen him out of the corner of her eye. The man was all but drooling. She grinned at the thought. Innocent little Holly Baker had caused a man to gawk at her like she was a sex goddess. And not just any man. Devin Shaw…a rock star.

She sighed as the warmth from the hot spring and the noonday sun relaxed her muscles. She straightened her legs, reclining back into the molded rock she rested on.

The morning had been less than pleasurable but now she felt vindicated. Sure it was just a little flaunt down the stairs in a barely there bikini but the look on his face was revenge enough.

She still wasn’t sure what to do about him. Could she spend the next two weeks under the same roof with him and not go completely insane? Less than twenty-four hours and he had already brought on thoughts of violence.

They needed to find a solution to their problem, but seeing how he hadn’t mentioned it, she figured he was as determined to stay as she was.

A loud crack of popping branches startled her. She looked toward the path, holding back a smile when she saw Devin standing by the side of the spring.

Just as suspected. She knew he would follow her.

He grinned at her before starting to remove his boots. She didn’t know how long he had been standing there but from the smile on his face, it was longer than she would have liked. “What do you want?”

“Just a little peace and quiet,” Devin smiled, reaching for the bottom of his shirt.

Holly watched the thin material of his shirt uncover hard, toned muscles, inch by inch, and she swallowed heavily when she realized she was staring.

The smirk was back on his face and she mentally shook herself to regain focus. “I’m using the pool at the moment.” She winced as her words came out in a breathy whisper and the smile on Devin’s face only increased.

“Don’t mind sharing,” Devin said, tossing his shirt aside.

“Well, I do. I came out here to get away from you.”

“Oh, I’m crushed,” Devin laughed. “You can always just leave.”

She watched him reach for the buttons of his jeans. “I don’t think so and you better have a bathing suit on under those.”

“And if I don’t?”

He smirked at her and she knew in that moment he was wearing nothing but skin under those jeans.

The game had just taken a major turn. She upped the stakes by parading around practically naked. And what did you really expect? Did you honestly think he’d just smile and let you walk away? Of course he wouldn’t.

He locked eyes with her and Holly met his gaze. Her earlier bravado diminished with every passing second but she was determined to play the game anyway he wanted to.

He popped the first button open on the button-fly jeans and Holly swallowed loudly. With each popped button more skin was exposed. If possible, the smile on his face only brightened.

A thin patch of fine hair that ran from just under his navel and disappeared into the confines of his jeans came into her line of sight. Holly’s pulse quickened and she had to force herself to not look away.

He was definitely not wearing anything under the jeans. Slim hips gave way to long, toned thighs, and she almost screamed when he pushed the pants down to his knees.

Lord help her, the man was beautiful!

His cock was impressive. She could tell he wasn’t completely hard but even in this semi-hard state, it made things low in her belly clench. She swallowed the sudden lump in her throat, her gaze sweeping up his torso and landing on his face.

The look he gave her caused her stomach to clench again. She licked her lips, inhaling deeply, and tried to look disinterested.

He kicked his jeans away, gave her his trademark smirk, and climbed into the pool.

A small chuckle from him was all it took for her face to burn hot. She felt heat run down her neck, her throat tightened, and her heart raced in her chest.

Holly knew she had to move. She’d make a fool of herself if she didn’t. She turned her head, looking at the surrounding mountains and could feel Devin’s eyes on her.

Her flesh burned because of it.

Taking a deep breath, she stood and turned to look at him.

The smug look on his face made her instantly regret it. She rolled her eyes before taking the few steps to the edge of the pool and climbed out.

“Don’t leave on my account.”

“Drop dead,” Holly mumbled as she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her. Devin’s laughter had her biting her tongue as she slipped her feet back into her sandals.

“I have to admit, sweetheart, that little scrap of material gave me the best hard on in years,” he told her as he leaned his head to the side while he stared at her. “Although you without it… Are you going to give me another show like you did last night?”

Holly rolled her eyes before she turned around to look at him. She grinned before securing the towel at her waist. “Well, I’m glad you like it,” she said with a wide smile. “I guess I can just live out the rest of my life knowing that bad boy Devin Shaw found me attractive. How fortunate I feel to have met your approval.”

Devin continued to smile and the fact that he didn’t say anything caused Holly’s temper to flair. Why couldn’t he be back at the cabin, panting like the dog he is, and wishing for something he couldn’t have? Because that’s not how Devin works. He takes what he wants and at the moment, judging from the leer and the forming erection, he wants you.

She almost growled in frustration, grabbed her things, and turned, stomping off into the forest.

A low chuckle was the only response Devin could come up with. As he sat there in the stillness of the forest, the appeal of the hot spring wasn’t as attractive now that the fiery brunette wasn’t anywhere in sight.

Standing, Devin climbed from the pool, slipped his jeans back on and grabbed his boots and shirt, running up the trail after her.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Words: 23,067
Released: August 2008
Rating: Sultry
Price: $2.99


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  1. great teaser chick, i love it.

  2. Lily Graison says:

    Thanks, Sue! I knew if anyone would like it, it would be you. *wink*

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