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I was finally able to get back to writing THE GAMBLER last week but as usual, nothing went very smoothly the first half of this week. For some reason, I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ this story. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had to re-read it. Again.

I spent two days reading, and tweaking, and about half way through, I realized what was wrong. Thankfully, it was an easy fix and once I got going, the story flowed and I was able to get new words on the page. I’m now at 30K for the story with about another 10K to go. Or, that’s what I’m shooting for. THE OUTLAW was supposed to be around 40K and it ended up at 51,000, so we’ll have to see where the muse takes us.

I don’t fret much about word count as I’ve always believed, a story is as long as it has to be to get it all told. Whether that’s 30,000 words or 60,000. Keeping them in the range I think they should be isn’t always an easy task. The stories sometimes take on a life of their own and just grow. More conflict is thrown in and you have a novel if you aren’t careful. I don’t really think readers mind getting more but it throws my schedule off. lol I have everything down to the week and getting behind throws it all out of whack.

I’ve also been looking at my writing schedule and debating on something that may upset a few readers. I have book 3 in the Night Breeds Series marked as ‘to write’ come end of year but sales for that series, book 2 to be precise, are not even worth mentioning compared to the first book. Less than half the people picking up The Calling are bothering to read on to book 2 so it really makes me wonder if investing a few months on book 3 will be worth it. I haven’t made up my mind yet if I want to put the series aside or not but writing is all about numbers and as of right now, that series just doesn’t have them. I get an email every week asking when book 3 will be available so that shows me ‘some’ readers are waiting for it but taking the time to write a full-length novel for a handful of readers isn’t a very good use of time when the financial rewards just won’t pay off.

I’m a writer. I love creating stories but most importantly, I love when people read those books. I see the number of readers by sales and I know, with a glance, which books sell and which ones don’t. The ones that do sell, are the ones I have to concentrate on and the ones that don’t…. Well, I don’t write and publish books for the sake of doing it. This is my job and if it doesn’t ‘pay’ me to do something, I see no point in doing it. I don’t know of anyone who would get up every morning, go to work and not expect to be paid for it. It’s the same principle here. I have to get something back and as much as your lovely words warm my heart, they don’t pay the bills.

So…in the next few months, I’ll keep a check on those numbers and make a decision when the time comes. You’ll be the first to know if you follow my blog or Facebook page so keep your eyes open if you’re a fan of the Night Breed series.

In other news…..

The Lawman and The Outlaw are both in the top 20 Bestselling Western chart on Amazon.Com! A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has bought those books! I would have never made it there without you.

Until next week,

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