Peacock Christmas Tree

  I mentioned on my Facebook page right after Thanksgiving that I was going to change my tree up this year. It’s been a very traditional looking tree for years and I very rarely deviate from my color scheme but this year, I saw something that made my inner child stand up and scream. Peacock Christmas ornaments!!   I love peacocks. I’ve been trying to get the Hubby to get me a few for years but they tend to ‘wander’ and we have a few wild dogs about. They wouldn’t last long in our yard. So, when I saw these decorations, I snapped them up and decided to bring the peacocks ‘inside’ the house. Most of the decorations are very fragile but so far, the grandbabies haven’t messed with them much. I found peacock feathers at A.C. Moore and have those inside the tree from top to bottom and I even found a peacock there I could use as a tree topper! Isn’t he gorgeous? And if everything wasn’t already perfect, as I was leaving the craft store, the lady who was making bows hung one as I was walking by. A big fancy thing made from peacock ribbon. It was meant to be! So, there’s my peacock tree. I’ll have a hard time taking this one down after Christmas. I LOVE looking at it and for once, I don’t mind it taking up so much space. Click on photo to see a larger verison