Peacock Christmas Tree

  I mentioned on my Facebook page right after Thanksgiving that I was going to change my tree up this year. It’s been a very traditional looking tree for years and I very rarely deviate from my color scheme but this year, I saw something that made my inner child stand up and scream. Peacock Christmas ornaments!!   I love peacocks. I’ve been trying to get the Hubby to get me a few for years but they tend to ‘wander’ and we have a few wild dogs about. They wouldn’t last long in our yard. So, when I saw these decorations, I snapped them up and decided to bring the peacocks ‘inside’ the house. Most of the decorations are very fragile but so far, the grandbabies haven’t messed with them much. I found peacock feathers at A.C. Moore and have those inside the tree from top to bottom and I even found a peacock there I could use as a tree topper! Isn’t he gorgeous? And if everything wasn’t already perfect, as I was leaving the craft store, the lady who was making bows hung one as I was walking by. A big fancy thing made from peacock ribbon. It was meant to be! So, there’s my peacock tree. I’ll have a hard time taking this one down after Christmas. I LOVE looking at it and for once, I don’t mind it taking up so much space. Click on photo to see a larger verison

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was up at 6am again today. This is becoming a habit, I think, but it gives me time to reflect every morning, especially today when I have so much to be thankful for. My family is healthy and happy, I have great friends who fill my day with laughter and I have all my wonderful readers who inspire me daily. You’re the reason I get up every morning and ‘go to work’…the reason I’m still writing. Without you, what I do would be pointless, so Thank You for reading my stories and telling your friends about my books. Thank you for every review you’ve left, for every kind word on my Facebook and blog and most of all, Thank You for allowing me to continue doing what I do…create stories filled with families, love and happily ever afters. Happy Thanksgiving! Lily

Gladiators! Show me the….Love?

Originally posted on the Alinar Publishing blog – March 1, 2011   Enter, Gannicus. Season 2 started as a Prequel to Season 1 (very clever, I might add) and we get a chance to see the cast of the original season and how they became the men we knew. It was an interesting ride! Especially when we were offered a deeper look into Gannicus’ character. I won’t offer any spoilers for those who haven’t seen the show, but I will say, its hard not to be sympathetic to a guy who longs for something that can never be. On the surface, these men, these Gladiators, are hard, tough, kick-butt and take names kind of men but deep down, they’re the stuff romance hero’s are born of. Tormented, alone, looking for a small piece of happiness that may never find them. I kept looking for the heroine to come sweeping into a scene and stealing their hearts but, this isn’t a romance. Not really. I guess the writer in me will forever search for that Happily Ever After, even while blood is spilled in the name of sport. I don’t watch much TV or movies anymore. I can certainly find better thing to do with my time. I would rather immerse myself into an imaginary world (and characters) than sit like a lump on the sofa. When I ‘do’ hunt a movie to watch, I have to have my romance, even in those epic battles I love so much. If there’s no romance, what’s the point? If you can’t cheer on the hero and wait impatiently along with the heroine for his return, then there isn’t much point in watching. Well, there isn’t for me. The classic love story will never grow old and I’ll continue to watch them until I’m … Keep Reading!